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The master was looking for a useful vessel. A gold vessel said to him, "Look here Sir, I am very costly and you can use me to decorate your treasury." The master did not hear him and moved on.

Then the silver vessel said to him, "Oh master you can use me to decorate your show case. People will marvel at your showcase and shower praises on you." But the master did not care for him too and moved on.

Later a glass vessel said to him,"Sir, I look pretty go and you can use me to fruits at your dining table." But still the master moved on.

Finally he came near a broken clay pot, who kept silence because he knew he was useless. The master picked it up, mended it and used it for a long time.

Friends, the master is looking for useful people like you. but before he would use you, you have to be mended and corrected. If you are interested to become a person useful to God, then please let us know.

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