Axis Of Evil

I put up the happy face
Smiling all along, I went
Scattering happiness for others to taste
Like warmth on a cold night inside a tent

But like a man in the mime
The axis of evil
Lay b'tween my heart, soul and mind
Was ruled by the devil

I kicked and swept it out of the door
But when I turned my back
I saw it back on the floor
I couldn't get it rid out of my back

Then one day, a friend told
Me, to open the door for Christ
My joy b'came untold
When I opened the door for Christ

He took apart my heart
And drove away the devil
And heated it on a hearth
Till it shined light divine

Now, I had a new face
The face of a happy soul
And I opened my life to a new phase
With the face of a pure soul

From then on, wherever I went,
I opened my case
Took out my new face, which I lent
To those who cared for their own sake.