Assembling the PC
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These are the list of cables that needed to be connected to the motherboard...
Name of Cable Device connector of... No of Pins
IDE Hardisk, CD-ROM 40
Floppy IDE Floppy Drive 34
Power Cable For Motherboard From SMPS to Motherboard 6x2 in AT and 20 in ATX
Front Panel Display Speaker, HDD Indicator LED, Power LED, Restart Different for each
Backside Connections PS/2, USB, LPT, COM 1, COM 2, etc. Different for each
Card Connectors CDROM Audio cable, Onboard display to backside cable, etc Different for each

Besides the cables that are shown here there are other cables like Processor Fan power supply, Power supply for devices like HDD, FDD, CD-ROM etc which are not connected to Motherboard, etc. All must be connected properly.

Pin Configuration on Motherboard
There are many places to fix cables in the motherboard. The following are the pin numbers for all the slots on the motherboard.

Device/Slot NameNo of pins
IDE Floppy36

Now fix the motherboard to the Cabinet or the Case. Place your mother board inside the case and fasten it in. Every Case fastens mother boards in different ways. Some use plastic pegs, some use metal screws. See Picture for an example motherboard_cabinet.jpg

computer_back.jpg Their might be metal coverings covering the holes in the computer case were the parallel ports and serial ports on the mother board should poke through. Poke those out with a screw drive so you can fit the mother board in snuggly. Make sure that all the connectors that come out of the motherboard is in its correct places on the back.