Assembling the PC
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Fixing the Processor
Fixing the Processor Now gently lower the CPU into the ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) Socket. No pressure is required. If the CPU is placed properly, it will slide into the socket. Make sure that the Number 1 pin is placed correctly. If you cannot get the CPU to sit evenly DO NOT force it. After placing the CPU, lock the socket using the Locking lever.
Apply the IC paste that comes with the processor to the bottom of the heatsink. Only a thin layer is necessary. This lets the heat that is produced in the processor to be conducted to the heatsink which cools it. After applying the paste, fix the heatsink on the processor. Make sure that the locks of the heat sink are in place. Appling Paste on the CPU Fixing CPU

Installing RAM

Fixing The RAM Keep the RAM module in the slot in the proper way and press downwards. Be careful not to jerk the RAM while pushing it down. See that the lock get hold of the RAM and stay in the locked position.
The ways of inserting the RAM will vary with different kinds of RAM. There are different kinds of RAM like SDRAM, DDRAM, RDRAM, etc. Please refer to the section on RAMS for more details.


Next, affix the cables that are provided to the necessary places on the motherboard. The cables and the place to fix them are given. Be careful to fix the cables properly and not damaging the pins or the motherboard in the process. Make sure that the red part of the IDE cables(the no 1 pin) is in proper position. Attaching the Cables