Assembling the PC
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Before Starting the actual assembly of the PC System, the following precautions would help you to avoid any mishap during the assembly process:


Installing Motherboard

You need to determine if the case has the appropriate risers installed. Risers, or spacers, keep the motherboard from touching the metal surfaces of the case after it is installed, avoiding a short-circuit and a wrecked computer.
Any new case will include some form of riser, metal or plastic. See the picture on Side for typical examples. They may or may not be pre-installed into the case.
Keep the cabinet panel on the table and fix the motherboard on it. A gentle pressure is enough to mount the Motherboard on it. There will be a mechanism to lock the motherboard in place. Identify its working and mount the motherboard accordingly. Tighten the screws on the motherboard to the panel.
Fixing the Motherboard