Assembling the PC
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Expansion Cards
Now the expansion cards must be inserted. Insert your Video Card if it is not onboard. There are presently about 3 different forms of slots on your mother board - PCI, ISA, and AGP. Video Cards are presently made for all 3 of them. AGP stands for "Accelerated Graphics Port" Video Cards made for this slot are generally more high tech/performance. AGP slots more than likely is the only small, brown, slot on your mother board. PCI you probably have the most of these their white and little longer than AGP. ISA, these are long and black. Insert your Video Card and snug it in there firmly. Make sure that the other side of the card can be come out of the motherboard's backside. Screw the card in that place. Similar fit the other cards in its respective places. card_fixing_1.jpg
Floppy Drive
Connecting the Floppy Drives Ensure that one of the 3.5-inch bays in your case is open. If your case came with rails for the floppy drive, attach them to the sides of the drive and slide the drive into the front of the computer until it clicks into place. Rails are small metal pieces which clip or screw on to the sides of the drive and allow it to be inserted and removed from the case with minimal effort.
Otherwise, slide the drive into the front of the computer until the faceplate of the floppy drive is flush with the front bezel of the case and the screw holes along the side of the drive line up with the case. When everything lines up, screw the floppy drive in securely on both sides.
Plug in the power cable (see picture to left) carefully, since it is quite possible to miss one of the connectors, which will quite possibly cause some damage when the computer is powered on. Floppy drive power connectors are keyed in most cases, but if not, the red wire should be connected to the pin designated as 1 on the surrounding PCB.
Ensure that the power connector is correctly lined up with all 4 connectors. The floppy (data) cable is keyed to only fit one way. Note that it is keyed the opposite way to the IDE hard drive and CD drive, so that the red stripe on the cable should be facing the floppy drive power cable.
Floppy drive cables(IDE) are solid ribbon on one end, and the other has a small section of the ribbon cut and twisted around. Ensure you only attach the floppy cable as shown in the picture to the right.