Does the theory which says that Jesus only fainted on the cross(Swoon Theory) hold any water? By Binny
Short notes on Calvin School of Apologetics lessons

A study into the positive and negative aspects of work done by foreign missionaries in Kerala. By Binny
About the pioneer missionary of Kerala, M I Vargese. Commonly called Sadhu Kochu Kunchju Upadesi. By Binny
The History of the church

Current Issues
What should be the christian response to the issue of pollution and ecology? By Binny

Notes on Speeches
Notes on Keezhillam Camp December 2000 by George Christy
Notes on the Origins of man by Joy David
How can a man please God? Notes on Abraham Thomas' lecture
Notes on Abraham Thomas' speech on Financial Disciple by George Christy
Notes on speech by Jos Mathew taken from George Christy

A overview of the personality of the Holy Spirit
Sandeep's Papers
Does God have a sense of Humor? By Binny

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