Class on Evolution & Creation

By Br Joy K David

What should be our Basic approach to an unbeliever in this matter?
Question that can be asked by the unbeliever.

About evolution
This concept is not made by any scientist. It was a doubt in the minds of men. It came to light as a theory in 1850. This theory aims to put a Creator out of the creation. It claims a progress without a know how.
According to this theory the main points are:
  1. Matter was never formed but is eternal. Ie. it had no cause.
  2. Life has a begining and was formed by chance.
  3. This theory states that all physical laws that are in existence today were always there in eternity and the existance of all this is explained with this view.
  4. All that is present today is evolving and becoming better and better about creation.
About Creation
This modeal has the basics in the following facts.
  1. Matter, life and all that is in existence in the universe had a begining and an intelligent creator. All effects has a cause.
  2. All that is created was made perfect but is now detiourating and becoming worse(II law of thermodynamics).
Both these theories cannot be moved scientifically. Because for this
  1. This process has to be repeatable.
  2. The process has to be observable.
Even through both these theories are not provable. Scientifically yet we can come to intelligent conclussions on the basis of already proven scientific facts. For example if there is a book then the conclusion is that it has a write. When this is alone, we can vote in favour of Creation.

How to come to such a conclusion.
  1. The fact that life does not form itself.

  2. That information (in the genetic code) had an intelligent source.
    In information science, behind any piece of information these must be
    1. A non material(mental) entity.
    2. An intentional volitional act.
    3. fundamental
      of the
      physical world
      pic1 pic2

    4. A non material foundation which is needed for all technological systems and for all works of art.
  3. Information cannot form by itself because
    1. The symbols alphabets(molecules) that form the language that create the information are not self deceding and don't know anything about the content of the information in order to form it.

    2. The alphabets/symbols ore also not capable by themselves to improve on the information since they have on idia about the infomation

  4. In order to identify information there are three nessary conditions.
    1. Number of symbols or alphabets are required.

    2. The sequence of symbols must be irregular.
    3. The symbols must be written in some recognizable order.
  5. The five aspects of infomation
    Intended Perpose

    Achived results


  6. Seven impossibilities concerning information.
    It is impossible
    1. To set up store or transmit information without using a code or language.
    2. To have a code apart from a free and deliberate convention.
    3. That information can exist without having a mental source.
    4. For information to exist without having been established voluntarily by a free will.
    5. For information to exist without all five hierarchiel levels statistics, semantics, pragmatics and pobetics.
    6. That infomation can orginate in statistical process.