How to Please God?

Class by Br Abraham Thomas

John 6:28

Question : What must we do to please God? Man's greatest question.
Answer : Believe in the Lord Jesus whom God sent - God's greatest Answer.

What is it to believe in the Lord Jesus?
To believe is to have faith. To have faith we have to first have knowledge of the facts pentaining to the faith. But just having knowledge of the facts is not faith. It is only merely knowledge. Trustion those facts and acting on it is faith. To believe in the Lord Jesus is to personally acknowledge/accept/admit the facts that
  1. You are a sinner (Rom 3:3)
  2. God is going to punish you for those sins (Rom 6:23)
  3. Jesus the Son Of God took that punishment for you on the cross
The Lord Jesus is John 6:28 says this is the work that pleases God and is what makes all our other efforts or works acceptable befor Him. Act our sacrifices and works to please God is useless and not acceptable to God without obedience to this simple work which God expects of all men (I Sam 15:22)

(I Cor 10:1-14)
The 'All' mentioned in this passage refers to all the Israelites who left Egypt. The passage says that all were saved by the blood of the passover lamp, all were baptized into Moses, all fed on the same spiritual food and all drank of the rock that was Christ. In otherwords all were saved believers.

But still God was not pleased with many(Vs 5). Why was this? This was because even as believers they were:
  1. Idolators (Vs 7) anything can be an idol. Anything that can take our worship from the true God.
  2. Fornicators (Vs 8) for which 23000 of them died in the same day.
  3. Tempters of God (Vs 9) ie. mocking God's promises in unbelief for which they were destroyed by snakes
  4. Murmurers (Vs 10) ie. complaining for which they were destroyed.
We can see from this that even as believers we can dispease God with sinful deeds like the Israelites and like them we will face the consequences.
As believers we need to work to please God by obedince to His will concerning us.
even when problems treds come we need to trust + Obey Him and come out victorious because God will not let any trial befall us which we cannot fear - Every trial that befalls us is customized for each one of us by God to bring out quality in us as believers.