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Evolution or Creation? 

Through ages men have speculated about the origin of life; their beliefs has usually fallen into two categories—either life begun by a supernatural act of God or it developed spontaneously from inorganic matter. This leads us to three choices –{1} there is no God, and every thing is made as a result of an irreversible process, which has given rise to an increasing variety of products [evolution]. {2} There is a God who created all things by the word of his power [creation]. {3} God created all things by the process of evolution [theistic evolution]. The last one is a sterile hybrid, which is rejected by both creationists and evolutionists. Before you read further, please clear your mind of any prejudice you have about this subject.

 Dr.Henry Morris, the foremost anti-evolutionist scientist defines creation position in this way “It simply states that the major categories of nature were formed by special, certain and cataclysmic, purposive process in the part which are no longer in operation today and which therefore are not accessible to empirical observation.”

 The theory of evolution involves {a} the origin of life from lifeless matter, {b} the development of the higher forms from lower forms and {c} the origin of man. In its wider aspects the theory embraces the origin and development of the entire universe.

 Many people take evolution as a fact. Some do it because it appears in their science book. Others do it because they think that the majority believes it. There are many other reasons. It appears in many science books as a proven fact. But in reality it is a theory most lacking in proof. There are many scientific difficulties with evolution. Some of them are briefly explained below.

             [A] The second law of thermodynamics says that matter and energy will degenerate with passing time (increasing entropy). But evolution requires just the opposite. Life forms increasing in order and complexity. From single celled organisms to multicellular animals. From invertebrates to vertebrates.

             [B] Evolution has no solution for the origin of matter. Evolutionists say that matter came from nothing or it does not have an origin (Big bang theory). But it is impossible because it is against I Law of thermodynamics-matter can’t be created.

             [C] It has no solution for the origin of life. Evolutionist claim that life was formed from inorganic compounds. It can never be proved. Moreover it is against the law of biogenesis - life comes only from life.

             [D] Thousands of missing links wreck the theory of evolution. If evolution was true, we should see in nature millions of ‘missing links’. But there are none. Some fossils are claimed to be missing links between man and ape. Some of the important ones are:

(1)Ramapithecus. Some considered it to have been a hominid (manlike ape) based on the evidence of a few teeth and a few fragments of jaw. Dr Jolly reported that a specie of baboon in Ethiopia has the same dental and jaws characteristics of Ramapithecus. Other anthropologists agree that Ramapithecus is simply an ape.

(2) Australopithecus. Claimed to have ape like skull and man like teeth. The size of its brain is 1/3 of modern man. It was 4 feet tall. Dr. Richard Leakey published evidence that it was a long armed, short-legged knuckle walker, similar to African apes.

(3) Peking man. In China, during the 1920’s, fragments of skull jaws and teeth were found near Peking. However, during World War II all the original bones were lost and were unavailable for examination. All these creatures had been killed and eaten and their skulls were preserved as trophies. Some prominent anthropologists believe the hunter was a true man. Peking “man” must then have been a giant ape.

(4) Java man. It was put together by the evidence of a femur, a skullcap and three molar teeth found within the range of 50 yards. Human skulls were found near it. So humans existed at that time. The femur was probably a human’s and the skull was from a giant ape. Before his death Dubous, the man who discovered Java man, changed his mind and decided that it was a giant gibbon.

(5) Neanderthal man. It has a skeleton structure similar to that of modern man. His carnal capacity exceeded that of modern man. All anthropologists now believe that it was just a human.

(6) Nebraska man. Claimed to be a pre-historic man on the basics of the evidence a single tooth. When more of its fossils where unearthed it turned out to be a pig.     

(7) Piltdown man. Based on the evidence of a piece of jaw, two molar teeth and a piece of skull it was claimed to be an ape-man. But in 1953 the hoax was exposed. The jawbone turned out to be that of a modern ape. The teeth were filed down and the bones were artificial colored to deceive the public. The ease with which these fraud fooled the world’s greatest authorities illustrates the powerful influence of pre-convinced ideas among evolutionists.

            [E] The science of geology is in favor of creation rather than evolution. Geology is supposed to be be the one branch of science that proves evolution. But when all evidences are examined geology favors creation. Evolution requires intermediary fossils and paleontology can’t provide them. Furthermore they provide many proofs for creation. For e.g.-the human and dinosaur tracks which were found together in Texas. But this is impossible according to evolution because humans came to the world 70 million years after dinosaurs became extinct. There are many other proofs such as Polystrate fossils, frozen mammoth in Siberia etc.

[F] Neo-Darwinism is false. It teaches that many new life forms were the result of mutations. It is false because {1} mutations are very rare. {2} 99.9% mutations are harmful. {3} Mutations are non-directional.

  [G] Too much chance. All living cells have DNA. A medium protein might have 300 Amino acids. The DNA gene controlling this would have about 1,000 nucleotides in its chains. Since there are four kinds of nucleotides, one with 1,000 links would exist in 4 to the power of 1000 different forms. This is equal to 10 to the power of 600. This number is 1 followed by 600 zeros. So the chance of the formation of a single cell is 1:10 to the power of 600. This is practically impossible.

 [H] Wonderful examples that support creation. The human brain has about 120,000,000,000,000 connections. Such complexity can’t come by mere chance. There is enough information to build an entire body in the DNA of every cell of a body. It is written in the DNA language. But who made this? Certainly a language won’t be made by accident. There has to be a God.

 [I] Time. According to many evolutionists earth is millions of years old. This can be contradicted easily. Almost everything in science is manipulated to fit into the evolution modal. As a result we have a faulty dating system. When it was tested on a living snail, it read 27,000 years old. All dating systems are based on three assumptions, which can’t be proved. They are {I} The system under study is an isolated system. {II} The decay rate is constant. But modern researches showed it is not. {III} The initial quantity of the parent element is known. But it’s not.

There are many proofs for a young earth. One of them is the magnetic decay. The magnet of earth is losing its power. The gravitation is decreasing every year. It becomes half every 700 years. At this rate the gravity would so strong millions of years ago that the pre-historic man would not even be able to lift his leg. The other evidences for a young earth are (1) depths of meteoritic dust on moon, (2) efflux of helium in atmosphere, (3) the shrinking size of the sun, (4) population etc.

After you read this you have to make a choice. Do you believe in God? Or do you believe in evolution? If you believe in God then the next question is “Who is the true God?” Take a book of any religion and check whether any of its claims condridicts the proven scientific facts. The true God doesn’t make mistakes. So the book written by him must be perfect. Start with the Bible. You would not have to check another book.



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