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About Me...

Vital Statistics
NameBinny V Abraham
Age19 Years
Date Of Birth       13th March 1984
HobbiesReading, Programming
PicturePicture of Binny

Thats me in a nutshell. I mentioned that I am a student by profession. I am studying in IGNOU(Indra Ghandhi National Open University) for BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications). I am in the first Semester. It is a distant education course. My Hobbies are reading and (obviously) programming. I like to program in C++, Html, JScript etc because those are the languages that I know best. I read every thing I can get my hands on. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Philosophy, Religion... name it and I have read it. My favorite authors? That will be Issac Asimov, Allister MacLean, Agitha Christy, J K Rowling - not necessarily in that order. Then my family. Click here to find more about my family from my other site.

Professional Ethics

What differs me from most of the other programmers/computer users is the professional ethics that I have adopted. The foremost is the Piracy problem. I believe that Piracy is illegal and to use pirated software is illegal. So I have decided to use only free software. I use Freewares, Sharewares, Adwares, Trials, Nagwares and Open Source programs. It please me to see that there are other people who share my view. The Open Source movement, GNU(Gnu's Not Unix) etc are major advocates of this view. Many major Computer Magazine like DigitTM also support my view. There are several reasons that I am holding this view. Some of the most major ones are...
  1. It sets me apart from the crowd.
  2. To use pirated softwares when many free and better options is available is madness.
  3. Searching for free softwares keep me in the foremost position to know the changes in the computer world.
  4. The pirated softwares can harm the computer.
  5. Pirating software and using pirated software is illegal. Now the government and software companies are taking more strong measures to stop this treat. It is dangerous to do it as there is a chance of getting caught.
  6. To get pirates softwares or crack softwares, one has to trust crackers. They are established law breakers. It is like trusting a thief to repair something in your hose when you are absent. These crackers can install trojans with their cracking softwares and get your passwords, private information etc. To trust them is sheer lunacy.
  7. I am a programmer myself and one day I might sell my softwares. To pirate other's softwares and expecting others not to pirate my software is hypocrisy.
  8. The most important reason of all is that I believe in a personal infinite God of Time and space. I believe that He is the Ultimate Authority in the universe and to disobey Him is not a very good idea. I believe that pirating is against His will. Click here to know more about my belief in this area...


I don't have many academic qualifications as I would like to have. The greatest qualification I have is experience. I am a 19 year old programmer with 25 years of experience. Other that the best teacher's certificate, the other qualifications are, as I said, scanty.
But then again, the last two are not qualifications. On the other hand, I am not in much need for qualifications right now. I will get them when I require them.

Current Activities

I am currently studying in BCA(IGNOU) as I have said many times over. I am also attending a course in computer hardware. I am self employed, if the word 'self-employed' can be used in such a way, in a firm that makes CDs of Audio tapes in MP3 format and sells them. We currently make the CDs of all the speeches in our collection. If you want to know more about this, please click here. I also make software CDs under the name of 'The CD Series'.

Sites I Manage

I am glad that you asked this question. I mean I asked this question...eh...you know what I mean. The following is the list of all websites I currently manage...

Name of SiteDescriptionURL
BinnyVA.Tripod.comMy personal website.https://binnyva.tripod.com/
Pheleo MinistryThe website of a firm that I and my father manage.https://binnyva.tripod.com/ministry
CreationismMy views about the evolution - creation controversy.https://binnyva.tripod.com/creation
Bible ResourcesMany articles by me and my friends found no where else on the web.https://binnyva.tripod.com/bible
JimsA site that I run for my friend Jims.https://binnyva.tripod.com/jims
Source-CodeThis site. Providing many great scripts, mine and others, to all the visitors.https://binnyva.tripod.com/code