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I actually made this software to ease my Bible reading. I am an addict of reading and Bible is one of my most read books. And it is worth the time. I have even written an article about it. Click here to access it. I am reading it for the sixth time now (as of 24-9-2002).
If I wanted to calculate how much chapters I have to read per day to reach the target I spend about half an hour or more in front of the calculator and the front page of the Bible(My bible has the number of chapters in every book on the front page). This is how I find my progress. But C++ gave me an idea to automate the whole process. So I built the Bible Aid Vs.1. It is a very simple form of this software. It has just the basics. When I saw that it helps me very much, I decided to give it to others also. So I created Bible Aid Vs.2.1. It is much more complex structure with much more options. Now you have it.

About Me
I am studying for BCA in a Distant education program in IGNOU. So I have nothing to do but create softwares and such stuff. I suppose this is my most complicated program yet(Not counting Lyrics DataBase).

Once again Thanks for using my program.
Binny V Abraham

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