Analysis Of Bible Difficulties

I. Causes
  1. Difficulties Arising From the Original Text
  2. Difficulties Arising Out of Translation Problems
  3. Difficulties Arising Out of Interpreation of The Bible
  4. Difficulties Arising Out of A Worng Conception Of the Bible
  5. Difficulties Arising Out of The Type Of Language In Which Bible Was Written
  6. Difficulties Arising Out of Our Incomplete Knowledge of The Customs, History, Geography And The Socity Of Bible Times.
  7. Difficulties Arising Out of Our Ignorace Of The Conditions Under Which A Certain Book Was Written Or A Certain Commandment Was Given
  8. Difficulties Arising Out of The Many Sidedness of The Bible
  9. The Infiniteness Of God And The Finiteness Of Man's Understanding
  10. Difficulties Arising Out of Fallacies Of Logic
  11. Difficulties Which Arise When The Precise Nature Of A Statment Is Not Understood
  12. Difficulties Of Numbers
  13. Problems Related To The Dullness Of Our Spititual Perception

II. Commen Sense About Difficulties In The Bible
  1. When The Finite Man Tries To Understand The Infinite God And His Actions Difficulties Are Bound To Arise
  2. The Presence Of Difficulties Or Objecitons Do Not In Any Way Prove The Bible To Be Untrue
  3. All Outlooks On Origin Have Problems And Difficulties
  4. One's Inablility To Solve A Difficulty Does Not Imply That The Problem Is Unsolvable
  5. The Apparent Problems In Bible Become Negligible When They Are Honestly Compared With The Incomparable Excellencies Of Bible
  6. History Is Our Witness That The Alleged Difficulties Are Given Much More Weight By Superficial Reader In Comparison To Serious Students Of Any Type
  7. Many Problems Are Artificially Created By Propagandist, And These Do Not Have Thier Origin In The Scriptures
  8. Careful And Prayful Study Will Resolve Many Difficulties