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Basics of Creative Writing

Interested in writing? Then here are some hot tips for it. What I have noticed when I tried to improve my writing was that there are so many books which teaches you how to write creatively. So, using this website, I want to help young writers, help themselfs to improve their writing abilities. Accordingly, I write only in step-by-step method & I will write in a simple straight forward way, avoiding many technical jargons.

Imaginative or creative writing can be of many types:
  1. Descriptive writing
  2. Short story & drama writing
  3. Essay writing
  4. Poetry writing
  5. Biographical writing
  6. Novel
Short Story

Unlike the novel, a short-story shows only a single aspect of life. It is a condensed version of life. In a short story a minimum number of words are used to give the maximum effect. The various elements of short story are plot, characters, background, style & philosophy.

A short story should have the correct speed. It should eliminate whatever is irrelevant. It should also be a mixture of humour & seriousness. A sudden twist in the story at the end would make it an excellent piece of work.

A novel, on the other hand, should contain multiple plots intertwined together. It gives the writer lots of freedom to express himself.

Some Tips To Improve Your Short Story And Novel
  • The newest & widely used method in writing novels is the stream of consciousness. Here a writer may or may not use a plot & would simply jot down his musings as and when it comes to his mind. For eg. when he writes about a train, he would go on to explain the last train journey he had undergone, in which a fellow traveler had died of a heart attack and so on.
  • Use of humor, satire and irony juices up any short story or novel. It can be also be used in poetry & essays.
  • The writer should imagine the situation in the plot. He could score on the details in a plot using his vivid imagination.
  • The writing should be in such a way that the reader should keep turning pages. Dull monologue or lengthy dialogues should be promptly removed.
  • The language should be simple and should express an emotion most effectively.
  • Usually two methods of writing are found : viz., the narrative method, as if the writer is writing as an outsider or documentary method where the writer is himself a character in the story.
I would be updating these points from time to time.