Speeches CD IV

Speeches CD IV

Speeches CD IV

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Classified according to Topics

Christ In ProphacyCleetus25:48
Christ In ProphacyPatric89:39

IBS Apologetics
CreationismA K Skaria116:07
Apologetics 1Abraham Thomas118:39
Apologetics 2Abraham Thomas121:49
Apologetics 3Abraham Thomas111:56
Evidences For Resurrection 1Joy David125:09
Evidences For Resurrection 2Joy David116:50

Missions Challenge
Youth And MissionsCleetus55:39
Mission Of The ChurchTomichan61:40
Indian MissionsA P Joseph67:55
Training For MissionA P Joseph53:30
Our CallingAbraham Thomas43:29
Our DutyAbraham Thomas64:35
Qualifications Of A MissionaryAbraham Thomas56:22
Jim ElliotJoy David55:56
Missions And The Second ComingJoy David56:50

Persicution Of JewsJohn MacAuther6:45

Classified according to Speakers

Abraham Thomas
Apologetics 1IBS Apologetics118:39
Apologetics 2IBS Apologetics121:49
Apologetics 3IBS Apologetics111:56
Our CallingMissions Challenge43:29
Our DutyMissions Challenge64:35
Qualifications Of A MissionaryMissions Challenge56:22

Joy David
Evidences For Resurrection 1IBS Apologetics125:09
Evidences For Resurrection 2IBS Apologetics116:50
Jim ElliotMissions Challenge55:56
Missions And The Second ComingMissions Challenge56:50

A P Joseph
Indian MissionsMissions Challenge67:55
Training For MissionMissions Challenge53:30

Christ In ProphacyEscatology25:48
Youth And MissionsMissions Challenge55:39

CreationismA K Skaria116:07
Mission Of The ChurchTomichan61:40
Christ In ProphacyPatric89:39
Persicution Of JewsJohn MacAuther6:45