During His lifetime His life constantly provoked the question “Who is Jesus?” Two thousand years after the birth of Jesus people still face this basic question. This question has been echoed down the corridors of history to the present generation. Even now people are divided on the identity of Jesus. If Jesus is who He claims to be, then He is the only hope for mankind and to neglect him or ignore him would be sheer folly. But if He is a liar or a deceiver then He is the greatest deceiver ever born and He should be totally rejected or ignored.

Is He the true God? Or is He a prophet? Or is He just a good moral teacher? Or is He the creation of the imagination of some one? These questions had been in popularity since the birth of Jesus. A man who said the sort of things that He said would not be just a great moral teacher. If He is not God then there can be only two other options-He is either a lunatic or the greatest liar. Let us together examine His claims and decide who He is or was.

Is he the true God?

 Jesus claimed that He is the Son of God and also said that He is equal with God-John10: 30 “I and my father are one”. In the following paragraphs I will try to prove intellectually that Jesus, as He claimed, is the Son of God who is equal to God Himself. I request you to evaluate the evidence to the best of your knowledge, without any prejudice, and decide whether or not Jesus is the true God. 

His Importance 

H.G.Wells, a noted historian when asked, who had left the most permanent impression on history, replied that if one judged a person’s greatness by historical standards, Jesus would stands first. Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus entered the human race through a small community called the Jews. He was a member of a poor family, a minority group, and resided in one in the smallest countries in the world. He only lived for about 33 years of which only 3 years were used for public ministry. Yet people all over the world still remember Him. Why? Because He is the most important person ever born on this planet. Even atheists are forced to agree to that. 

He came into the world dividing time and history into two parts labeled AD and BC. He never wrote a book, yet more books have been written about Him than any one else. The nearest thing we have is His biography-the gospels. It is translated in whole or in part to more than 1500 language. He never led an army, but millions had laid down their lives for His cause. 

The spread of Christianity is another witness to His importance. Jesus had only a small number of disciples. But they went into the world and turned it upside down. These disciples changed the world like never before. They went into unexplored parts of the world to civilize and Christianize the people who lived not much better than animals. They planted many Churches. Now He more than 1,900,000,000 followers who call themselves Christians. This is 780,000,000 more than the nearest rival. (Source: The World Almanac, 1999) 

His Uniqueness  

Jesus was the most unique man in history. His birth was unique. He was born of a virgin (Matthew 1:25) as the result of prophecy made thousands of yeas ago (Isaiah7: 14). His life was unique. He lived like no other man. He never sinned in his life. He lived the most pure and holy life possible. His death was unique. He died according to many prophecies, which were made hundreds of years before his birth. But the most amazing thing is that He conquered death and rose again on the third day as it was predicted years ago. His miracles were also unique and were even mentioned by the Ist century historian, Flavius Josephus. These include raising the dead, healing the sick, and controlling the nature and many more. He was the greatest teacher, the greatest leader, the greatest philosopher, the greatest healer, and the greatest friend. In short He was the greatest man.

The Prophecies about Him 

 Jesus lived and died as prophesied hundreds of years before His birth. All His life was according to scriptures (1Corinthains 15:3). There are more than 300 prophecies concerning Him in the Old Testament. Using the Science of Probability, we find the chances of just 48 of these prophecies being fulfilled in one person to be only 1 in10157. But there are 60 major prophecies and 270 ramification. To complicate it further all of them were made at least 400 years before His birth. Some of which were made even thousands of years before his birth. Therefore, there is no way that all these prophecies could be fulfilled in this one person coincidentally. So we are left with only one option-Jesus is the Saviour God promised to mankind in the Holy Scriptures. 

His Resurrection 

 I will use the help of three evidences to prove the resurrection of Christ. But first I will prove that He really died after the crucifixion. There is a theory called ‘swoon theory’ which says that Jesus did not die, but only fainted. But Bible says that He really died. History supports this claim-Tacitus, the Roman historian quotes “The originator of that name, Christus, had been executed when Tiberuis was emperor by order of the procurator Pontius Pilatus.”(Annals XV,44) [Note- Christus is a variant spelling of Christ]. The Bible says that the Roman soldiers did not break Jesus’ legs because they saw that He was already dead (John 19:33). Pontius Pilate ordered a centurion to verify the death of Jesus (Mark 15:43-45). He couldn’t make a mistake because he would have to pay for it with his life. A Roman soldier plunged a spear into Jesus side and blood poured out (John 19:30). Medical experts say that if He were not already dead, this would have killed Him. Others say that pouring out of blood and water was the proof that Jesus was already dead. 

Now let’s take a hard look at the following evidence that gives us reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. 

(1) An Empty Tomb. The body of Jesus was wrapped in a linen cloth and it was placed in a tomb cut out of solid rock. A very large stone weighing about 2 tons was rolled against the entrance. A Roman watch of strictly disciplined men stood guard at the tomb according to the instructions of the authorities (Matthew 27:66). They obviously wanted the body to stay behind the stone barrier. Yet the tomb is empty till today. The body is not in the tomb because Jesus rose from the dead.

  (2) Appearances of Jesus. Jesus appeared to his disciples and many others for 40 days after His resurrection. More than 500 people saw the resurrected Christ at the same time during this period (I Corinthians15: 6). History also supports this fact. The historian Josephus wrote “For Jesus appeared to them the third day alive again, as the holy prophets had predicted” These appearances can only be possible if He rose from the dead. This evidence strongly points towards the resurrection of Jesus. 

 (3) Transformation of People. Christ transformed people in history and still is transforming people today. This is only possible if he is alive. He transformed his disciples. They all fled out the time of His capture. But after a few days they became men who were ready to die for Him. Only one of the disciples died a natural death. Others were stoned, crucified killed by sword etc. Only the conviction that Jesus conquered death could transform them. The disciple saw the risen Jesus. If they had not seen Him, they would never have given their lives for what they knew was a lie. And such lives of conviction led many such Christians to do the same in times of persecution in history. 

I hope that I have given you enough reasons to see that Jesus is not just an ordinary man, but the Son of God-the true God. All the evidences that I have included here points to this very fact. To believe in the deity of Christ is not only a matter of faith but also a matter of deepest intellectual convection and reasoning.  Still it is quite natural to ask why should one put his faith in Jesus. The Bible says that “For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) and “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). But Bible also says there is a way out. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16). If you are ready to believe in God only begotten Son Jesus Christ and receive eternal life all you have to do is this-admit the fact that- (1) You are a sinner (2) Jesus took your punishment (death) on Himself when He died on the cross. (3) He was buried and rose again on the third day. You can do this now. Just say a small prayer in your own words inviting Jesus into your life. If you have done so you can be guaranteed that you are a citizen of Heaven and an owner of everlasting life by the infallible word of God, the Bible. If you have done this get a Bible and start reading it. I suggest you start from the book of John.

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