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Alternative Talk.Origins FAQ
Answers in Genesis - promoting the belief in biblical creationism, and "exposing the harmful effects that evolutionary humanism has had on society."
Center for Scientific Creation - dedicated to the research of the origins of humankind.
Christian Geology Ministry - exegesis of the great time gap in the Genesis creation account, the pre-Adamite world, and the geophysics of Noah's flood.
ChristianAnswers.Net: Creation SuperLibrary - providing creationist answers to questions ranging from fossils to the origin of life.

Creation Answers - presents proof that the motions of the earth, the moon, and the apparent sun are the intentional result of special creation.
Creation Concept
Creation Research Society - professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.
Creation Science Association for Mid-America - non-profit educational and research corporation whose "members are concerned about the widespread false teaching called evolution."
Creation Truth Foundation - nonprofit Christian educational organization that teaches scientific creation.
Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia - a Creationist reference site.
Creation/Evolution Controversy - definitions and evidence to examine more than two sides of this debate.
Darwin and the Devil's Advocate - overview of the major scientific objections made by creationists.
Darwin's Mistake - documents the flaws in the theory of evolution.
Defense of Creationism, A - essay on the origins of the universe.
Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved - in 50 arguements, by Rev. William A. Williams.
Firm Ground - articles showing the evidence supporting intelligent design and refuting evolution.
Genesis Network - articles, news, and information on the creation vs evolution controversy.
Genesis Park - presenting dinosaurs as living evidence of a powerful Creator.