Perl - Shell Scripts

The usefulness of perl is not very much exploited by windows users. I wish I could change that by my scripts. For these scripts to work, get ActivePerl( if you are a Windows user. If you use perl, just run these scripts at the console with the command perl <filename>. All the given scripts are free for you to copy, distribute, modify or any other thing that comes to your mind.

These scripts that I have provided here are made by me and used with the Active Perl compiler. I made the first 2 to aid me in organizing many html files. They may not be much help for you as it is, but you can use them after modifications.

SeekAndExtract Vs 1.00.B
For extracting content from HTML files from a user specified string to another user specifed string and save them as a txt file. Useful if you have a lot of html files you need to convert to text files.
LineRename V 1.00.A
Renames all the text files in a folder to their respective first lines. If there are blank lines, it clears the file of all blank lines. I don't see how you can use this program to fit your perpose, but I made it when I had a lot of small poems in text files. I used this program to give the poem's files names.
HTMLViewer V 1.02.A
This is a offline HTML file viewer for DOS. Run the script with the html file in the command line. For best results, use the Batch file 'html.bat