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ProgramBoot Recorder
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ProgrammerBinny V Abraham
C++ Specialhttps://binnyva.tripod.com/code/cpp/

This program will write the time and date of the booting of the computer to a file called "Record.txt" in this format
Session Started At : 31-12-1999  11:59 PM
Session Ended At : 1-1-2000 1:00 AM
Session Lasted 1 hours and 1 minitues.
It will aslo read one line from a file called "quotes.txt" and display it on the screen. I usually put one line jokes in this file so that I enjoy the booting time. I have included one such file with this zip file. If you want to make such a file, please give it more than 100 lines to work.

Not every one will find this program useful, but you can study the code and write your own programs. It includes the code to find the time elasped from one time to another time. This is a very complex code.

But note this point. THIS WILL WORK IN WINDOWS 98 AND NOT IN WINDOWS ME OR WINDOWS XP. I don't know whether or not it will work in 95, NT or 2000.

To use this properly, do the following steps one by one.
  1. Compile the code and name the exe file to Recorder.exe(It will be found in the C++ directory after compilation). Copy it to C: drive's root.
  2. Add these lines to the file autoexec.bat in the C: drive.
    @echo off
  3. Copy the files "Quotes.txt", "Restart.bat" and "Shutdown.bat" to C: drive's root. These files can be found in this zip file.
  4. Copy the shortcuts in the shortcut directory in the zip file to where every you want to put them.
Now we are ready to roll. Whenever you want to shutdown, double click on the Shutdown shortcut. This will shutdown the computer. when you want to restart the computer, double click on the Restart shortcut. However if you use the Shutdown command from Start Menu, the Record.txt file(found in the C: root) will show a line "Session ended at : Unknown (Restart or Crash)".

Note : Sometimes, when you have clicked the shutdown shortcut, you will see a error. Just click on the "Close" button and stop bothering about it. It don't cause any problems in my computer.

You can use this program, modify it, distribute it, make money from it or any thing by it. But please give credit where credit is due. Just leave this notice as it is, however you use it.

If any thing happens to your computer by using my program, it is NOT my problem. It will be your own fault.

If you want more info, contact me at binnyva@rediffmail.com.

Developers Note
I am makeing a better version of this program which will be called Boot Booster. Any suggustions are welcome.