C++ Header Files

I have provided two header files that I have made. I have given detailed description of the functions in the header file in it. I have zipped or compressed the files for lessening its size. So when you download it, unzip it first and copy it to where other header files of C++ is stored to use it in your program. I hope that this will be of any use to it.

NOTE : Please don't use two of my header files in the same program. It is not working in my system. I don't know why. If you do, contact me.

Visuals.hDownload File
1. Letter By Letter
Functionvoid lbyl(char text[50],int delay,int distance)
DescriptionDisplays One Letter at a time with a specified delay and distance between letters.
Examplelbyl("Binny Made This",200,0);
2. Words
Functionvoid words(char text_1[25],char text_2[25])
DescriptionDisplays a pretty screen with the first text on top and second one on the middle. Then a line is drawn under it and the user is asked to press any key.
Examplewords("Binny is ","The One");
NoteGraphics must be declared
3. Loading Pie
Functionvoid loadpie()
DescriptionDisplays a pie(circle) with two colours and one colour will fill the pie after some time. When this is compleated, the text will change and function ends.
NoteGraphics have to be initialised before this function.
4. Loading Bar
Functionvoid loadbar()
DescriptionDisplays a bar whose length increases till it fills the box and a specified delay. It also puts a predefined text in a box above.

Effects.hDownload File
1. Interactive Menu
Functionint BackMenu(int PosX,int PosY,int No_of_Items,char Item_1[25],...,Item_8[25],int SelectedBackColor,int DefaultBackColor)
DescriptionThis can create a menu which will change the item by Up and Down keys on keyboard and return the selected Value.This function supports up to 8 items. It can also support less items (Minimum 2). Returns selected value (no of the item) when Enter Key is pressed. Returns a value of 0 if Esc Key is pressed.
Exampleint g=BackMenu(2,2,6,"One ","Two ","Three","Four ","Five ","Six ","Seven","Eight",LIGHTGRAY,BLACK);
2. Message Box
Functionvoid message(int PosX,int PosY,int No_Of_Lines,char a[50], char b[50],char c[50],char d[50],char e[50],char ButtonText[10],int BackColour);
DescriptionDisplays a Windows style message box and centelizes the message.
Examplemessage(23,2,4,"Hello World","Visit Me at","https://binnyva.tripod.com/code"," Binny.","","OK",YELLOW);
3. Password Taker
Functionint passwordtake(char pass[20])
DescriptionTakes in a password by displaying a '*' everytime a key is pressed and compares it to the given argument. If both are same, returns 1. Else the program will return the value 0.
4. Password Validator
Functionvoid password(char *pass)
DescriptionTakes in a password by displaying a '*' everytime a key is pressed and stores it in the given address.
NoteThe Password must be in pointer form with '[0]' if it is a array. Ie. password(&pass[0]);