InstallRite 2.5c
This program allows you to install software on one computer, create an application image, and clone the application to other PCs. With InstallRite you can avoid the repeated process of clicking through installation screens and prompts when rolling out new or upgraded software. InstallRite will recreate the installation, along with any configuration changes, system settings, user settings, and preferences. The InstallKits can be installed from any media, including CD-ROMs, the World Wide Web, a network server, or a copy on a hard drive. Also included is InstallWatch, a utility that tracks changes made to your system during the installation or removal of software or hardware. Changes tracked include additions, deletions, or modifications to files and directories, .INI files, and the Windows registry. All information is stored in a database so that it can be accessed later to generate reports.
Type : Free
Size :4.87 MB
Url :

Ghost Installer
A tool which helps to built Setup with many options. Useful for software disigners for distributing the software. This software requries that you must type in the source code in XML for making the Setup. Has very useful help files from where you can learn the basics of the Software.
Type: Free
Size: 4.46 MB

With EasyCleaner you can speed up your computer, free disk space and increase usability by deleting invalid registry entries, deleting invalid shortcuts, deleting duplicate and unnecessary files.
Type: Free
Size: 1.4 MB

Amiglobe 2000
A nice world atlas program that allows you to change between map types. There is a lot of information on each country, and you can even listen to the country's national anthem! A handy piece of software. Amiglobe99 has current information, more details then most maps, 3500 cities and peaks, lyrics to many of the countries' national anthems, and a whole lot more! It's just great.
Type : Shareware
Size : 5.0 MB

Wordweb is a easy and handy tool that lets you find the right word. It has a dictionary along with a Thesarus. If the user input a word it will show the meaning of the word along with other words with similer meanings. It helps in increasing vocabulary.
Type : Freeware
Size : 4.5MB
Url :

Desc: ZoomTools magnifies, measures, and manipulates graphics. It measures, checks c olor, and captures screen shots, all with magnification. ZoomTools includes a magnifier, ruler, tape measure, t-square, color analyzer, and screen snagger.
Size : 335 KB
Type : Shareware
Url :

AutoIt v2.42
AutoIt allows you to automate any Windows or DOS task by using simulated keystrokes, mouse clicks, Windows commands, and script files. AutoIt can also be used to automatically install and configure software during a PC rollout.
Size : 372 Kb
Type : Free

Using "Talisman", you can build any interface for your computer. "Talisman" hides the standard desktop of Windows. You create and add almost any type of object to the Talisman desktop, and attach any type of internal Talisman commands or run any application. Objects (which can be either visible or invisible) can be programmed to react to mouse clicks or mouse movements. You can also add background pictures to the desktop and add sounds to different events. All settings and pictures are stored in a theme file. You can even make more than one theme and use objects with links to go from one theme to another. You can use Talisman as your default shell instead the Windows Explorer. Talisman has its own startup, system tray, taskbar and startmenu procedures.
Size : 2.88 MB
Type : Free

1st Impression
1st Impression automatically replaces Windows startup and shut down logos each time your system restarts. There is a basic image collection already included with the package and more can be downloaded from various sites around the net. Even better, this software can convert almost any image to the logo format, including digital photos, pictures from the Internet, scanned images, fractal images, 3D renderings, etc. 1st Impression can display multi-line messages which are stored to user-editable plain-text files. With 1st Impression restarting Windows becomes a fun.
Size : 1.93 MB
Type : Free

Drive Rescue 1.7
Drive Recue is a program to explore your hard disk as well as to localize the on it situated files. The idea for these program originated, as one with Scandisk processed hard disk no more data suddenly contained. Since was to be taken no more data with Windows-shelf-methods of the hard disk, this program was put in successfully to find important information of the file system, and to look for lost data and to restore it.
Size : 1.23 MB
Type : Free

Safe Clean 2.0
This Software can be used to locate and delete unwanted file, broken shortcuts, left over files etc., thus saving valuble space. It can also anylize disk usage and find the persent of disk used in each drive and the total persentage of the hard disk used. This software will opitmise the computer by deleting unwanted files and saving disk space and may be even speed up your computer(If a huge amount of space is saved).
Size : 1.66 MB
Type : Demo


Zoom Player
Zoom Player is a robust Media and DVD Front-End Player. Zoom Player was designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic and flexible when used to its full potential. Zoom Player works in two modes. A Media mode which can play any file supported by DirectShow (any file which plays in MediaPlayer) and a DVD mode which uses pre-installed DirectShow DVD filters to play DVD content. This software has great options like:

  1. Zoom In Capabilities
  2. Speed Up And Slow Down
  3. Playlist Support
  4. And Others
Type : Freeware
Size : 563 KB

Roxio VCD
This is a high quality VCD player. Many VCD's which don't work with any other software like windows media player will work on this. There are some minor bugs in the sofrware, like sometimes non-funtional seek bar, open button which responds to right click etc. But this is an indispensable tool for those who delight in rentint vidios from shops.
Type : Freeware
Size : 428 KB


Ultimate FX v1.3
Ultimate FX is an image processor program with the most complete set of image effects/filters available. It is also one of the fastest and most compact program of its category .Different experience level settings help novice users not to get confused first and to see only the controls they need. This way Ultimate FX has a fast and easy learning period. Size : 2,187 Kb
Type : Freeware(Ads)
Url :

NoteTab Pro v4.82
A leading-edge text and HTML editor. Handle a stack of huge files with ease, format text, and perform system-wide searches and multi-line replacements. Build document templates, convert text to HTML on the fly, and take charge of your code with helpful HTML tools. Use a power-packed scripting language to create anything from a text macro to a mini-application. Winner of top industry awards in 1998 and 1999.
Type : Demo
Size : 1.23 MB

Amapi 3D
Featured this month is the full version of Amapi 3D version 4.1, a popular companion modeler that offers designers an affordable and innovative approach to 3D modeling by easing the creation and editing of complex geometric shapes. It allows the 3D artist to quickly create efficient models of high quality, especially in the area of smooth edges, filleting and skinned surfaces. Amapi has an uncluttered workspace and Natural Design Interface along with an impressive set of modeling tools and features. Amapi 3D models can be exported in 19 file formats, which allows them to be used in most rendering and animation applications. NOTE: To install the Amapi3D Plug-in for 3DS Max, click here.
Size : 42.4
Type : Freeware

Flash 4
This software from Macromedia helps to devolop flash file(*.swf) for internet. It has an exellent built in tutorial. It can be a little tough for newbies. This is a older version and the latest ver sion Flash 5 is avalable in The CD II. Flash 4 has capabilities for creating actions with ActionScript.
Type : Trial (30 Days)
Size : 10 MB

Fire Works
Fireworks is the solution for professional web graphics, design and production. Create feature graphics, buttons, animated banners, and sophisticated JavaScript rollovers that use the same exact code as Dreamweaver behaviors. Optimize and slice your graph. Size : 12.2 MB
Type : Trial (30 Days)

Star Office
Star Office 5.1 is total office suite from STAR inclusive of a word processor, spreadsheet, etc. It is an alternative to Microsoft Office which has an absolute monopoly in this area. It has many features which makes it worth considering. However it has a draw back as it takes too much time to load.
Size : 76.6 MB
Type : Freeware

Gif Construction Set Professional & Gif Construction Set
GIF Construction Set Professional is a GIF animator. At its simplest level, it can assemble the source images of an animation sequence into an animated GIF file, suitable for use on a World Wide Web page. It can create banners with diffrent transsitions, compress images and it has many other options which makes GIF Construction Set Professional a state of the art of GIF animation software.
Size : 4.03 MB(GCSP), 1.85 MB(GCS)
Type : Demo

This is a Web designing software that is provided by Macromedia. It can include flash files and shockwave files. It can also aids with HTML coding. This software has support for Javascripting which is very useful for web designers. It is the only practical alternative to Microsoft FrontPage. It helps to create professional and personal websites very easily. Thousands of web builders worldwide are using Dreameaver as their HTML editing tool.
Type : Trial (30)
Size : 10.8 MB


Linkbot Pro
This software is a very useful tool for web developers. It will check for mistakes in a web site either from the internet or locally and generate a report of all the errors in the site so that the auther could modify the site. It can find orphan files, broken links, slow pages, deep pages, pages without titles etc.
Size : 7.02
Type : Trial (30 Days)

Installed Programs

Dos based Graphical user interfaced software capable of displaying all the files and folders that could be in any of the drives connected to the system. A built-in file-splitter and joiner will be useful for splitting large files into smaller files. And very specially never before in DOS you could DRAG AND DROP a file or folder for copying with subdirectories. Even you could run all DOS executable files with a mouse click and by command line you could also view text files with the built-in editor.
Type : Freeware
Size : 459 KB

This is a small tool to replace windows startup/Wait/shutdown logos(images). The replacement process can be automated by using Winlogochanger options. Options include displaying random images, creating sets(themes) with three images(logo.bmp, logos.bmp, logow.bmp) each. No installation required.
Type : Freeware
Size : 1.04 MB

Binny's Softwares
Bible Aid
Help with reading the Bible by recording the number of chapters you have read and calculating the number of chapters to read again.
Earlier Porgams
Boot Recorder
Practical Joke

EditPad is a replacement for the standard Windows NotePad. EditPad requires Windows 95 or later to run. No additional DLLs or whatever are required. EditPad can open as many files at a time as you want. You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle with heaps of overlapping windows. If you run EditPad again when there is already an instance running, the file(s) you wish to edit will be opened by the existing EditPad window. This means there will be at most one EditPad window open, which will save you from a lot of task switching.
Type: Free(Postcard Ware)
Size: 341 KB

Index Generator
Helps to index large number of HTML Files. Although intented mainly for HTML Files, it can index other files as well. You can chose for a wide array of themes or create your own theme to make indexes. Click here for an example of file made with Index Generator.
Type: Free
Size: 1.64 MB

A Software with which you can create and edit Malayalam Documents. Has a phonatical keyboard layout which is very helpful. Includes one Malayalam Font. For more fonts see my other CDs.
Type: Free
Size: 198 KB

mp3DirectCut is a frame editor for MPEG audio. It makes cutting even large tracks quick and easy with its fast graphic view. You can make selections to cut, save several regions and modify the volume. There will be no quality loss because nothing of your file has to be re-encoded. You can prelisten the whole file and even record new MP3s directly to disk.
Type: Free
Size: 170 KB

mp3Trim can clean up, trim, amplify and fade-in/out your MP3s. Cleaning is useful on most MP3s and reduces the file size. Trimming is useful on files that contain unwanted noises or sounds. Amplifying is useful on low volume MP3s. mp3Trim works precisely on MPEG frame boundaries. Type: Free(Feature Limited)
Size: 199 KB


BeOS 5 Personal Edition
The "operating system in a file" that's easy to install, easy to use, and that brings the fun back to personal computers. Within minutes of installing and launching BeOS 5 Personal Edition, you'll say to yourself: "I didn't know my computer could do that!". BeOS 5 is an operating system that's designed from the bottom up to unleash the processing power of modern personal computers. To make BeOS 5 available to as many people as possible, we've created this Personal Edition version that fits inside a single compressed file that can be downloaded to your Windows 95, 98, 2000, or Windows NT4 computer.
Size : 42.6
Type : Free
Note: Once Installed this will need more than 500 MB to run.


AVG AntiVirus Update
Binny's Lyrics DataBase V1.0B.00