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1. Textbook Of Science
2. Defending The Faith
3. The Resurrection of Christ
4. Apollo Missions
5. The Year 2000 And Bible Prophacy
6. Basic Chemistry: A Testment Of Creation
7. Children And Creation
8. Creation Evangalism
9. Creation Evangalisation Works
10.Dinosaurmania Strikes Again
11.Cains Wife: It Really Does Matter!
12.The Gospel Of Creation In A Moslem Land
13.Creation, Christmas, And The Qur'an
14.Evolution Is Biologically Impossible
15.The Pope And Evolution
16.Icr And Y2K
17.Newton's Approach To Science Honoring Scripture
18.Noahs Ark
19.Noah’s Ark Goes To Hollywood
20.Global Flood Of Noah's Day
21.Noah's Ark The Search Goes On
22.Report On The ICR Ararat Exploration Of 1987
23.The Search For Noah's Ark 1992
24.The Search For Noah's Ark 1975
25.The Search For Noah's Ark 1983
26.The Sky Has Fallen
27.Human Evolution An Update
28.Human Genome
29.Know The Enemy!
30.Radiometric Dating And The Bible A Historical Review
31.DOP November 2000

My own papers
1.Evolution Or Creation
2.Who Is The True God?
3.Who Is Jesus