F-22 Raptor
Pilot a state of the art fighter plane to take out some enemys
in the neghbouring territory. Has great graphics worth the hard
disk space.
Type : Demo
Size : 10.2 MB

This puzzle behind some minutes will estimate your ability to
think logically at the current moment of time. The program
shows approximate value of your IQ and is not intended to
replace the full-functional IQ test.
Type : Demo
Size : 357 KB


The first documented evidence of chess is from around 550-600 A. D. in India and Persia. The chess probably came from chaturanga, a game that had been around in India since 450 A.D. From India, the game spread to China and Korea. The word "Chess" comes from the Persian word "Shah ", or "King". "Checkmate" comes from "Shah Mat", meaning "The King is dead." In the 1400s, the first chess rules appeared: the Queen became powerful, the castling was accepted and the pawn promotion was now one of the objects of chess. In the 18th and 19th century, Central Europe and Germany were the world chess center with some famous players such as Lasker and Tarrasch. In the 1930s Capablanca and Alekhine became chess champions. Then followed Spassky, Fischer and finally, Karpov and Kasparov.

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