Charles Dickens

Pyramids Of Mars
Sherlock Holmes
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      Sign Of Four
      Study In Scarlet
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Aesop's Fables
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Anna Karenina
Black Beauty
Dead Man's Dollar by Jon Cobb
Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz
Jane Eyre
Moby Dick
Pride And Prejudice
Purity by Clegg
Robinson Crusoe
Rupert Of Hentzau
Sense And Sensibility
The Further Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe
The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
The Prisoner Of Zenda
Treasure Island
Twenty Years After
Unleashing the Idea virus by Seth Godin
Wuthering Heights

Alexander Dumas
      The Count Of Monte Cristo
      The Three Musketeers

Edgar Allan Poe
      The Raven Edition 1
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      The Raven Edition 3
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      The Raven Edition 5
      The Raven

Edgar Rice Burroughs
      A Princess Of Mars
      At The Earth's Core
      Maid Of Mars
      Out Of Time's Abyss
      The Chessmen Of Mars
      The Gods Of Mars
      The Land That Time Forgot
      The Lost Continent
      The Mad King
      The Monster Men
      The Mucker
      The Oakdale Affair
      The People That Time Forgot
      Warlord Of Mars By Burroughs
            Jungle Tales Of Tarzan
            Tarzan And The Jewels Of Opar
            Tarzan Of The Apes
            Tarzan The Terrible
            Tarzan The Untamed
            The Beasts Of Tarzan
            The Return Of Tarzan
            The Son Of Tarzan

A Damsel in Distress
Andersen's Fairy Tales
Far From The Madding Crowd
Jane Eyre
Jude the Obscure


Karl Marx - Communist Manifesto
Nietzsche - Beyond Good & Evil
The Republic - Plato
US Bill Of Rights
The Constitution Of The United States Of America, 1787


Sermon On The Mount
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Patrick Henry - Liberty Or Death
John F. Kennedy Inagural Address
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