Software Diskette

Multi Media

Winamp v 2.75
WinAMP (Complete Version) v2.71 WinAMP (Complete Version) is an excellent, highly-customizable audio file player, CD player, and MP3 encoder.WinAMP plays MOD, WAV, MJuice, WMA, ASFS, VOC, CD audio, and MPEG layer 2 and 3 file formats.WinAMP includes a spectrum analyzer, a CD audio decoder, an MPEG decoder, and a digital equalizer. It supports playlists, it includes a tag editor, and it can retrieve track information from the Internet CDDB database. It also supports downsampling and downmixing.
Size :2,093 Kb
Type :Freeware

MusicMatch Jukebox v6.00
MusicMatch Jukebox v6.0 (beta) MusicMatch Jukebox is an integrated digital music management application. It offers CD ripping(CD quality), MP3 and RealAudio encoding, the ability to search for and download music from the Web, an integrated internet radio tuner, video streaming, a music database, and a player. Sort your tracks by artist, title or another database field, and simply click on a title to add it to your playlist. CDDB support is also.
Size :8.43 MB
Type :Free (beta)

Real 7Basic
Real Player is the player for rm,ra etc. formats. A must for internet users. Needed for viewing steaming vidios and adious. It supports all well known vidio and audio formats
Size :3.42 MB
Type : Freeware

Sonique v1.808
Sonique v1.808 Sonique is an audio player and MP3 encoder that offers an aesthetically pleasing and customizable interface combined with an animated menu system. The interface can be customized with "skins" and three interface modes of varying sizes are also available. Other features include a built-in graphic equalizer, customizable visualization modes, online support for downloading new music, and a built-in playlist editor and MP3 decoder.
Size :2.24 MB
Type : Free

DivX is a Movie decommpresser and is useful for viewing compressed movies. Can be used to view mpeg movies.
Size :
Type : Freeware

MPEG Scissors v1.2
This Program was created for easy editing MPEG Files. It make easy to CUT and JOIN multiple files. If You select [StartFrame] and [EndFrame] for every Job (file), when process is done, you obtain a single file with all
selections included.
Size :
Type :

VCD Clipper v1.0
The VCD Clipper program clips sections of a video cd and stores it on the hard disk. All you have to do is just open a VCD file Play or skip the file to the position you want to clip from & select this as the start position & play or skip the file to the position you want to clip to. & then select this as the end position & Save the clip by selection the save option form the menu!
Size :1.38 MB
Type :Freeware

Computer Languages
(These files must be coped to your Hard Disk and then activated exept DV C++ and JCreator)

Turbo C++
DV C++
DV C++ provides a windows envionment to make c++ programs
Size :
Type : Freeware
JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java technologies. Especially designed for the student
and the non-professional Java-Engineers. JCreator is designed to meet windows interface
guidelines, so the users can expect a familiar and intuitive user interface.
Size :
Type : Freeware


TweakUI 1.33
Tweak UI 1.33 Run the tweakui.exe file and unzip them to a folder This may create several new files in your folder. To install this utility right click on the tweakui.inf file and click Install.To get started with, go to control panel & you'll find Tweak UI Icon installed there!
Size : 110 KB
Type : Freeware  

X-Setup v5.7
Xteq X-Setup is the ultimate in system configuration or "tweaking" as some people would say. It covers all types of options and has many useful features - for more information see the file FILE_ID.DIZ or browse
Size :2.77 MB
Type : Freeware 

Win Hacker 2.02
Win Hacker Win Hacker is a tweaking utility with many features like changeing the Start Menu name
Size : 1.10 MB
Type : Trial(30 Days)

FAQ Preview
RegistryFAQ, Preview Release v1.0 RegistryFAQ is an excellent source of Windows-related information, tips, and tricks. Don't let the name fool you -- although the Registry is covered in some detail, it is but one of several topics that include hardware as well as popular graphics, Internet, and office applications.In addition to discussing the general layout of the Registry, it covers several relatively obscure system utilities that are included on the Win95 CD-ROM, providing you with a means of editing and protecting your Registry. The tips that follow are clear, easy to grasp, and rated according to the level of expertise required to implement them. RegistryFAQ is a great resource that will help both beginners and experts to tweak their Win95 desktops to perfection.
Size :4.25 MB
Type : Freeware


Help Generator
Anet Help Tool v5.0.0 AnetHelpTool is a software for the creation of Help systems for Windows-based applications. It provides an easy and pleasant development process which saves time and increases your help-writing efficiency. The program is almost fully WYSIWYG which greatly simplifies design.
Size :7.97 MB
Type : Freeware 

Acrobat Reader v4.05c
Adobe Acrobat reader v4.05 Acrobat reader allows you to read and print from any system any document created as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, with its original appearance preserved.
Size :5,628 KB
Type : Freeware  

GkSetup Builder v1.92
A tool which helps to built Setup with many options. Useful for software disigners for distributing the software
Size :2.89 MB
Type : Freeware

It is a program to beutify your desktop. It has a large collection of pictures in its website. It enables the user to change the wallpaper by pressing a key combination or set it so that it will automaticly change the wallpaper every 15 minutes or so.
Note : Some collections are also included in this CD. Click here to acess it. Copy those files to the collections folder in Webshot's folder after installing Webshots.
Size : 1.36 MB
Type : Freeware

Power Achiver v6.11
File Compression tool. Very good cimpressor which can funtion with zip,z,cab etc. files.
Size :2.04 MB
Type : Freeware

ACDSee v3.0
Very flexableimage viewer. Supports almost all kinds of Picture formats. Also included is a photo enhanser which can change the size and colour of the picture.
Size :3.94 MB
Type : Demo

ACDSee Image Suite
It is a package which includes Image Fox, ACDSee, Pica View. ACDSee is a software for viewing almost all known picture formats.
Size : 7.56 MB
Type :Demo

FontLab v3.0
FontLab gives you a variety of tools to produce new typefaces, as well as add to or modify characters in TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. Make your own multiple master fonts and add hints and kern character pairs. You can also perform paint operations in a vector-based environment. NOTE: This demo is mostly functional; no export functions are included, but all editing and importing functions are intact.
Size :2,941 Kb
Type :Shareware

Pinky Basket v1.1
Piky Basket allows you to pick files/folders from different folders at the same time,and then paste them all together. if you want to copy files from different folders to a common folder,normally,Windows allows a tedious job of copy,paste,copy,paste,and so on. Piky Basket makes copy-paste operation incredibly easier.It saves almost 50% of copy-paste time in Windows.
Size :3.12 KB
Type : Freeware

Hex Workshop v3.11
Hex Workshop is a well-done 32-bit set of hexadecimal development tools that combines advanced binary editing with the flexibility and ease of a word processor. Take advantage of its clean-looking interface to edit, insert, delete, cut, copy, and paste hex; print high-quality, customizable hex dumps; and export files to RTF or HTML for publishing. In addition, you can use goto, find, replace, compare, and checksum calculation commands within a file. Because Hex Workshop is tightly integrated with Explorer, you can quickly edit files from your most frequently used Windows workspaces. The program also includes a Base Converter for converting between hex, decimal, and binary, plus a Hex Calculator that supports arithmetic and logical operations. A 16-bit version of an earlier edition is also in our library.
Type :Shareware
Size :1.75 MB

Split 32
Split 32 splits large files into smaller components suitable for uploading to the Internet, sending as email attachments or copying between computers using floppy disks. You can use Split 32 to join components, or you can use the generated .BAT file to recreate the original file.
Size : 102 KB
Type :Freeware

Microangelo 5.0
Microangelo 5.0 introduces a total solution for animated icons on the Windows desktop, providing support for the creation, installation and desktop animation of icons in both the standard 32-pixel and large 48-pixel sizes. Microangelo’s image editors now provide intelligent paint modifiers used to apply color gradients, dodge and burn existing colors, and anti-alias drawing operations against the graphics.
Size :2.30 MB
Type :Shareware

ReadPlease 2000
ReadPlease 2000 shatters the myth that computers must sound robotic and monotonous. Just imagine having web pages and e-mail read aloud to you. If you are finding there is just too much on-screen reading with all of this technology, then you will love using ReadPlease.
Size :6.82 MB
Type :Freeware

SUSD Screens 3
Get rid of those boring cloudy Startup, Shutdown and Wait screens that come with Windows by default with SUSD Screens 3. This new version adds a whole host of new features, including a completely refurbished and newly coded user interface, support for adding screens by right clicking on their files in Windows and a Screen Information Window.
Note : Many themes are given in Zip format in this CD. Click here to acsess it.
Size :1.15 MB
Type :Freeware

Microsoft Dictation 1.0
This voice recognition software is a technology demonstration fron research project. Use it to dictate text directly into your wordprocessor.
Size :10.3 MB
Type : Freeware

EyeDrives v3.2
EyeDrives is a utility for viewing free, used and total space on multiple partitions on your computer. Amounts can be viewed in bytes, k-bytes, m-bytes or g-bytes. Also includes information showing memory and resource usage.
Size : 996 KB
Type :Freeware

With this program, you can easily remove obsolete registry entries from software that you may have deleted ages ago.First of all, RegCleaner analyzes all software structures (i.e. from all roots), and tries to find invalid file / direcoty references. If RegCleaner finds any, it will remove them from everywhere within the registry. This takes a some time (10-30 Sec.) RegCleaner next removes the registry keys from all software structures.Finally, RegCleaner makes checks on all software with regard to registered filetypes or tries to start them at start up. If anything is found to be wrong, then RegCleaner deletes the bad files.
Size : 277 KB
Type :Freeware


602Pro PC SUITE v2000b
602Pro PC SUITE 2000b 602Pro PC SUITE 2000 is composed of three components: 602Text (word processor), 602Tab (spreadsheet) and 602Photo (graphic editor). 602Text is a powerful word processor compatible with Microsoft Word (.DOC 9x/2000) and many other document file types. 602Tab is a Microsoft Excel (.XLS 9x/2000) compatible spreadsheet with over 150 available functions. 602Photo is a graphics editor designed for digital camera and scanner image editing with support for over 15 graphic formats.Create simple documents, class papers, complex forms, mailing labels or even chart diagrams. Manage and create data tables with ease. Calculate your budget, setup complex automated business forms or analyze active data from a database. Edit images directly from your digital camera or scanner. Use the eight (8) built-in effects (including Red-eye Removal) to add a custom touch to your images. Convert images between different files formats with ease
Size :14.1 MB
Type : Freeware

EditPlus v2.01b
EditPlus is a text editor that offers a wide range of features, including: customizable syntax highlighting (with support for HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, PERL, PHP, Java, C/C++, and many other languages), seamless browser previewing, a cliptext window, an HTML tag toolbar, a document selector, an on-screen ruler, built-in FTP uploader, user-defined tools, macros, hot keys, a spell-checker, powerful search and replace, the ability to display line numbers, etc.
Size :910 Kb
Type :Shareware

NoteMagic v4.01
Drag any file from File Manager, Explorer, WinZip, etc.and drop it into Notepads+ to edit it. Open any text file file, edit it, then send it to whomever you wish as an email by clicking on the Send As Email button. Text and .rtf (Rich Text Format) files can be imported into any open workspace and are placed in the open file at the cursor position. When .rtf files are imported they are converted to text files. Has a built-in English spell checker. Open text files larger than 32k. Large text files are trapped before they load into NotePads+ allowing you to specify which word processor to use to edit the large text file (larger than 32k).
Size : 4.68 MB
Type :Freeware

Atlantis Ocean Mind Word Processor v1.0.0.29
Atlantis is a full-featured Word Processor with an innovative approach to document processing. Atlantis is an intuitive user-friendly application and provides all the tools both novice and power users need for their everyday word processing tasks. Very compact, Atlantis takes only 650 Kb of hard disk space in minimal configuration and so will easily launch from a floppy for maximum portability. Also Atlantis has a very small memory footprint. A comprehensive dual set of toolbars is always at hand for superior ease of use. Most word processing commands are only one-mouse-click-away. The Atlantis user interface is coherent, integrated, and completely customizable, a real treat for power users. Ultimately the Atlantis spelling checker will guarantee that all your documents have perfect language.
Size : 2.51 MB
Type :Shareware

Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro 7 Paint Shop Pro offers the easiest, most affordable way to achieve professional results - Retouch, repair, and edit photos with easy-to-use, high-quality, automatic photo enhancement features Create and optimize Web graphics with built-in Web tools and artistic drawing and text tools Design cool animations with Animation Shop 3 included free Easily add custom images to your home and business graphics projects Save time with productivity tools: grids, guides, alignment, and grouping Expand your creativity with over 75 special effects Share photos electronically with friends and family via e-mail, Web sites, and photo-sharing sites.
Size :32 MB
Type : Shareware 

Dreamweaver is a professional visual editor for creating and managing Web sites and pages. With Dreamweaver, it's easy to create and edit cross-platform, cross-browser pages. Dreamweaver provides advanced design and layout tools, as well as making it easy to use Dynamic HTML features such as animated layers and behaviors without writing a line of code. Browser-targeting checks your work for potential problems on all popular platforms and browsers. Macromedia's Roundtrip HTML technology imports HTML documents without reformatting the code—and you can set Dreamweaver to clean up and reformat HTML when you want to. Dreamweaver is fully customizable. You can create your own objects and commands, modify menus and keyboard shortcuts, and even write JavaScript code to extend Dreamweaver with new behaviors and property inspectors.
Size :10.8
Type : Trial (30 Days)

LiveSite v2.0
If you're an aspiring Internet entrepreneur with a desire to create your own Web site, you'll need the right tools. LiveSite enables anyone, at any skill level, to build a website and publish it on the Internet. Using LiveSite's wizards, predesigned themes, and design tips, you can create an attractive site in minutes without any prior knowledge of HTML or programming.
Important Note : If you don't already have a LiveSite serial number, follow the instructions on the Valadeo Web site ( to obtain one. Make note of this number, as you will be required to enter it during installation.
Size : 31 MB
Type : Free

Cool Page v2.6
Cool Page is a freeware design environment for those who want to create Web pages without learning HTML. Its WYSIWYG display panel lets you easily set up your page, arranging text, graphics, and other elements to your liking. The program contains a built-in choice of "objects" (animations, graphics, buttons, bars, etc.) that can be added to your page to spiff it up. An FTP client is also included to let you easily upload your work to a remote server. Cool Page is intended for those who are new to page design, or simply don't want to be hindered by exposure to HTML code. Its DTP style allows precise placement of text blocks and images. Cool Page also supports DHTML, CSSP, and frames.
Size : 2.73 MB
Type : Freeware

FrontPage 98
Microsofts FrontPage 98. Its a part of the Microsoft Office 98. An exelent html editor. It provides advanced design and layout tools, as well as making it easy to use Dynamic HTML features such as animated layers and behaviors without writing a line of code. Browser-targeting checks your work for potential problems on all popular platforms and browsers.
Size : 24.2 MB
Type : Freeware

Small Programs

Split v2.1b
Split bigger files to smaller files and Join them

rhj Extensions v1.22
New additions to the context menu

Properties Plus v1.62
Changes the Extensions, Time Stamp, Attributes etc. with great ease

IE Toolbar Wallpaper
Give MS Internet Explorer a new look


WS Ftp v5.08 (LE)
WS_FTP is a Windows-based file transfer client application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. You can connect to any FTP server, browse through directories and files, and transfer files in either direction.
Size :690 KB
Type :Free (for personal use)

Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger is a free service from Yahoo! that allows you to see when friends come online and send them instant messages. It can also alert you when you have new mail in your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Personals account, or when you have an upcoming meeting recorded in Yahoo Calendar.
Size : 1.24 MB
Type :Freeware

HCL Infinet

Webstripper v1.34
WebStripper allows you to copy entire Web sites to your hard disk for off-line browsing. WebStripper retrieves all HTML pages, including all linked images, sound and video files, and more. You can also pause and resume downloading, and update a previous download (only new or modified files are copied).
Size :1.43 MB
Type :Free

MantaDB v2.02
The MantaDB Utilities are a suite of 8 tools that integrate seamlessly into your Internet Explorer browser and add extra capabilities to it. These include LinkChecker, Personal Sidebar, Page DeFramer, Web Page AutoRefresh, Font Sizer and Sensible Colors tools. Another extremely useful tool is the Web Page Indexer. MantaDB can scan web pages as you view them and build a searchable index out the words they contain. Searching is fast and works just like an Internet search engine except that the content is built out of pages "you" have viewed. So you can always return to a page that you have viewed before.
Size : 832 KB
Type : Free


Display Driver SiS 6326
Smart Keyboard


Different Malayalam Fonts

Nots & Crosses v1.0A