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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Top
Players have the choice to skate as Tony Hawk or one of the many pro riders found in the game. All of the riders have returned from the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater, with the addition of Steve Caballero, Eric Koston, and Rodney Mullen. The big addition to the game is the ability to build a character from scratch. The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 demo contains 1 single player level.
Path : \games\proskater\thps2demo.exe
Size : 27.4 MB
Type : Demo
System Requirements : DirectX 7.0a, 3D Hardware Accelerator, Windows 95/98, 32 MB RAM 200 MHz Pentium Processor, 40 MB hard disk space.
Delta Force II          Top
In this game you and your team must go into enemy base. Your Mission is to retrive a code book containing vital information and blow up the communication base. This is a RPG in which you are a member of a Elite force.
Path : /Games/Delta
Size : 65.5 MB
Type : Demo
System Requirements : Windows 9X /ME, PII 266, 32MB RAM, 16MB 3D Accelerator Card, Sound Card, 12MB HDD Space and DirectX 7.0A
NBA Live 2001                                                  Top
This superb basketball sim is for keeps. In the demo play against the god-man of basketball, Michael Jordan himself. You can even dribble against your best bud in a team match. The controls are simplistic and don't take much time to laern.
Path : /Games/NBA 2001.exe
Size : 54.3MB
Type : Demo
System Requirements : Windows 9X, P 266, 64MB RAM, 4MB 3D Accelerator with OpenGL support, Sound Card, Mouse, Keyboard and DirectX 8.0
MechWarrior 4: Vengeance Top
The ultimate in mech combat simulations, this demo features 4 of the 21 Mechs found in the game. The MechLab is fully functional allowing you to restructure Awesome, Catapult, Uziel and Raven, your four Mechs.
Path : /Games/Mech Warrior 4.exe
Size : 8.8 MB
Type : Demo
System Requirements : Windows,9X/ME/2K, PII 300 , 64MB RAM, 3D Accelerator Card, Sound Card, 200MB HDD Space, Mouse and DirectX 8
Die Hard Trilogy 2 Top
Released in 1996 for the PlayStation and later ported to the PC, Die Hard Trilogy was a movie-licensed game that was unusual in that it wasn't completely awful. Not satisfied to leave well enough alone, Fox Interactive decided to create a sequel. And let it be a lesson about not tempting fate, because Die Hard Trilogy 2 is really, really bad.
Like the first instalment, Die Hard Trilogy 2 consists of three separate styles of play: a third-person corridor crawl, a driving game, and a first-person shooting rampage reminiscent of Virtua Cop. The developers created an all-original plot for the sequel, probably because the first game took the plots of all three existing Die Hard movies. The new story drops a wearily surprised John McClane into the middle of a prison break and a hostage situation and leaves him as the only thing standing between a suave Teutonic madman and the fiery destruction of Las Vegas.
Though the promise of three games for the price of one is appealing. Yet the notion of getting one profoundly awful game, one regular-awful game, and one just slightly awful game for the price of one decent product shouldn't appeal to anyone.
Path : /games/Die Hard Trilogy
Size : 33.2 MB
Type : Demo
Jigsaw Puzzle Top
A Jigsaw Puzzle game. Pick and drop the pieses into place to win. A great way to spend time. More than ten diffrent pictures to play with.
Path : /games/Jigsaw
Size :  1.27 MB
Type : Demo

Cheat O Mania
This program gives you up-dated cheat codes on the latest games in the market today. It is relatively simple to use and has a nice interface.
Path : /games/
Size : 290 KB
Type : Full


This Game enables you to play Chess against the computer and against another opponent. It has various levels of Inteligence and is somewhat difficult to beat.
Path : /games/Chess.exe
Size : 709 KB
Type : Full