The description given to a file, folder, printer or PC on a network. If you want to change the name of folder in Windows 95, move the pointer over the name and click once. Wait a couple of seconds and you'll be able to type a new name.


The combination of the words Net and etiquette, this refers to the proper behavior on a network, and more generally the Internet. The key element in Netiquette is remembering that actual people are on the other end of a computer connection, and offensive comments or actions are just as offensive even if you can't see your recipient.


A collection of two or more computers interconnected by telephone lines, coaxial cables, satellite links, radio, and/or some other communication technique. A computer "network" is a group of computers which are connected together and which communicate with one another for a common purpose. Computer networks support "people and organization" networks, users who also share a common purpose for communicating.

Network drive

A disk drive you can access, but that is physically located on another PC on the network. To Windows, it appears to be just another disk drive.

Network Neighborhood (NN)

An icon that appears on the Windows 95 Desktop if you are connected to a network. If you double-click on NN, you'll see all the other PCs linked to the network and can share files.

Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)

An industry standard protocol for the distribution, inquiry, retrieval, and posting of news articles.

Network printer

A printer connected to a PC connected to a network. Letting you to use the printer as if it were connected to your PC.

Network server

A special dedicated computer used to support large office networks and store files .


Electronic bulletin boards on the Internet that specialize on particular topics, such as nursing, aviation, football, gardening, piano tuning, and many aspects of computers. There are over 25,000 newsgroups. In order to access newsgroups, you must have software known as a "newsreader" (most web browsers act as newsreaders). You also must have access to a "news server", through which you access the newsgroups.


A central computer in a computer network; also called a "host" or "server."


Unwanted random signal that sounds like hiss on a record.

Null modem cable

Special cable that lets you link two PCs via their serial ports so they can exchange files.

Key at the top left of the numeric keypad that switches the keypad between cursor control and number entry.