Assembling the PC
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Power Supply

There are two main kinds of motherboards and Cabinets available today with reference to Power Supply - AT and ATX. The have different connectors. They are shown below. These wires come from the SMPS of the Cabinet. The figure on the right shows the Power cables coming out of the SMPS. Power Supply

Different Types on Power Supply Connectors

Power Spply Type
No Of Pins
2x6 (12)
Picture ATX Power Cables AT Power Cables

Power Connections

AT Connections Identify the type of power supply and insert it into the right place. The AT cables must be connected in such a way that the black cables of both plugs with come together(See Figure to the left.)

Final Connections in the Cabinet

Connect the wires coming out from behind the face of your computer case to your mother board. They control the on, off, reset, hard disk activity, and power switch. Every mother board is different(See picture to the right).
Refer the manual with your mother board. Most specify with 2 or 3 character paraphrases like "PWR SWT" which means Power Switch and "RST SWT" which means Reset Switch, etc.