Website Creation Services

You can get three types of services when you sign up for this program. You won't have to decide which service to join. You will be inducted to a service automatically.

There is three types of services:

IA. FullSite Service(Service IA)
If the full site is made by me and hosted in my site, you are a member of the FullSite service. You don't have to know anything about HTML, Web Developing, WebHosting etc. if you are in this service. It all will be done for you by me. I will create the HTML pages and host it in my site. You only need to provide me with the content of the site. The rest will be taken care by me.

IB. Site Creation Help Service(Service IB)
This is an option if you chose to make your own website, but don't have the needed know-how. I will help you in creating your site by providing you access to my scripts and my experience. You can host your site anywhere in the web or in my own site. You must put a link to my site in the main page or one link deep.

IC. Script Service(Service IB)
This service is for those who have their own sites. This is for people who are experienced and don't need any help from me. But if any one wants to use my scripts in their site, they would have to register for this service. If you want ot use this service, you must put a link to my site anywhere in your site.