Lyrics Bank

Using the software

You can invoke the software by using the shortcut 'Alt+T' or right click on winamp and select Minibrowser. A window will open and show the list of all the songs that are there in the data base. You can navigate thru it as easily as you navigate thru a website.

As an example here we show how to open the lyrics for song "Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life"

Opening the Lyrics Window

You can select any singers name from the list and select the song for the other coloum.

Click on the song which you want to see

Scroll the window and read the lyrics as you hear the music


The Navigation Bar

Last Document. Opens the file you viewed before

Next Document. Opens the last viewed document if you press the Back Button

Stop Load. Will stop the loading process

Refresh. Refresh the page

Open Location. Enable You to open any Html File

The Window can be moved by dragging it by the title bar.

The Window can be resized by using the resize option.

Closing the Program: It can be done by pressing "Alt+T" or by the close button