Lyrics Database

Freaquently Asked Questions

Q. What is the advantage of this software over lyrics plugins?
A. 1)This software has a large collection of lyrics at your disposal. The plugins require you to have the lyrics.
     2) It takes a long time to give each song its own lyrics.
     3) You can see only the lyrics of the song you are currently hearing using a plugin. With the Lyrics Database you can see the lyrics of any song of your choice.
     4) With a plugin you must have Winamp. You can't use the software without Winamp. With this software you can.

Q. How can I add My own lyrics to the collection?
A. To add your own lyrics to the collection, you need to know a little bit of HTML editing. You must be having HTML editing softwares like FrontPage etc. Put your lyrics in a folder in Lyrics Folder and make a link to it from Index.htm. Insert the following line if you want to link it to the default.css file:
<LINK href="../../default.css"(location of default.css in relation with the file) rel="StyleSheet">

Q. How can I uninstall the software?
A. Open the "Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall the software "Lyrics Database".

Q. How can I edit the lyrics?
A. Open the Lyrics Folder(Usually located in winamp folder) and go the the file you want to edit. Open it in a Html editing Software and edit it.

Q. How do I get the update of this software? A. Visit my website to download the update if there is one.