All the programs I have developed are displayed here

BD 2.00.A Active BD is a `dir` replacement. What this program does is that it displays the contents of the specified folder in a colourful and more understandable way. BD displays files of different types in different colours, letting you see at a glance which files are executable, which are documents, directories etc.
Boot Booster 2.01.A Active Boot Booster is a program that tries to put the booting time of the computer to good use. It can log the booting time, display a joke or an inspirational message that will change at every booting, display any message, display any reminders you have set etc. Boot Booster can be configured to log the booting time, shutdown time and the time the session lasted etc.
Batch ToolKit 1.00.A Active Great utilities to programming in batch a lot better by giveing it DOS a GUI. The utilities are Becho - a replacement for DOS's 'echo' command, Message - shows a message box with user specified text, Tnd - to displays the time and date in the specified format, getline - shows any line of a file and Select - shows a interactive arrow-keys driven menu from which the user can make a selection.
Indexer 1.00.D Active Indexer is a program that make an index of all selected files in HTML format. This is extremely useful for Web Designers, Web Developers or those with a large collection of HTML Files. All you have to do is select all the files to be indexed and chose how the index should be made. Then select the file where the index should be written to and the program will do the rest. It will find the relative links to the specified files and write the index in specified format.
Nots & Crosses - Finished A program with which you can play Nots and Crosses(or known as Tic Tac Toe). Kid Stuff.
Lyrics DataBase 2002 Dormant Project A huge collection of Lyrics collected together so that it will work from within winamp.
Bible Aid 2.1 Finished Bible Aid is a software for those who try to read the Bible completely within a limited period of time. You can record your progress in a very user friendly interface and see how much more chapters you have to read, how many days, how many chapters you have to read per day to reach the target, etc.