Bible Aid - FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I uninstall this software?
A. Go to Control Panel and chose 'Add/Remove Programs'. Chose 'Bible Aid' from the list and click uninstall. The program will uninstall itself.

Q. How do I get the source code of this software?
A. I have decided not to put the source code on public domain because many of my source codes are missused. Any body who want the code for serious perposes can contact me at You will be charged a nominal sum for the source code. This is to ensure that you have a serious perpose for the code. If you are a serious student, I can provide a explanation for the source in HTML format because the code in itself is VERY complicated. This will cost you about 50 Rs. I will only create the help file on demand because I have to analyse and write the expanations.

Q. What if I have a doubt that is not addressed here?
A. If your doubt remains unanswered after you have read all of the help files, feel free to contact me at I will send you a mail explain your question.