English Standard

You prisoner of the gutter
Condemned by every syllable you utter.

By right you should be taken out and hung
For the cold blooded murder of the english tongue.

This is what the student population
Calls an elementary education.

Just hear them in a class room anywhere
Dropping malayalam in between everywhere.

Why didn't the Englishmen teach Indians how to speak
This verbal class distinction by now should be antique.

A person's way of speaking absolutely classifies him
The movement he talks he makes other person despise him.

Hearing people who speaks manglish is painful to my ears
But if you continue this, the teaches will be close to tears.

Their are even classes where english completely disappears
Well, in Class Eleven, they haven't used it for years.

Arab's learn arabian with the speed of lighting
Hebrewes learn it backwards which is absolutely frightening.

Why can't we study to speak english which makes you sick
But I think it is more interesting than rap music.

By Bijoy K Abraham.

This poem is written by my brother Bijoy about the standards of English in his class. He was in Class 11, Cochin Public School when he wrote this piece.