Computer Assembly : How to build a computer - A Tutorial on Computer Assembling

Computer Assembling is not a very difficult process as many would belive. It is very simple and takes very little time. People with only the slightest know-how can do this easily.

After buying all the computer components they must be put together. This process is called assembling. It usually takes about fifteen minutes(installing not included). Although easy, it must be done carefully so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the system.

This is an illustrated guide to assemble your own computer. This tutorial describes in detail how to assemble a computer by yourself. This is the project that I have submitted for a course that I studied in Sted Project, Kerala. A complete tutorial with pictures to build your own computer.

Also include is a troubleshooting guide that will help you if anything should go wrong. All common problems are listed in the trouble shooting guide. This tutorial is a complete Howto for computer assembly.

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