Paper 4

It's my answer to a question, I had asked to a man who had faith in Jesus Christ.

To Him be all glory, to him be every prayer that melts one's soul transform that one to a new creation or a new life in Christ in today's pagan world.

I write this letter to those who had seen my life's transformation and wondered what had happened to me, and how this guy who was highly professional about his future life and practical in his studies turned to a person madly speaking about Christ and more than that how this guy who until now, went to Hindu temples and had great faith in Hindu gods suddenly turned to a Christ believer and his disciple. To you I can only say one thing. That is to you my life would be from everything to nothing but for me my life would be from nothing to everything. Yes, You may ask to your conscience and put a question in front of me. You may ask to me that what a funny little thing of faith is unscientific as we all know we are product of evolution. And you even took a decision to follow and spent your precious time in this earth by following and executing the words of a religious book called bible which is full of ideas of a god and his son called Jesus. And that guy he considers as his savior and lord and you may even laugh at me by considering me as a person who lost his mind. Yes, These above words are the ones that you are going to ask me. Let me start my answer by starting with a biblical verse:

"For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are
perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

Yes, you may call it a book suited for those who had gone mad, but let me tell you intelligent, arrogant, curious human that this same you are making fun of as professed from beginning to end of this world. You human who think of a formal life in this world but forget that for your same formality to this world cause convulsions of deformity in your heart.

If yet you feel life means "Dreams + Dreams come true" and when you face troubles when for you reality bites then look to my life and how I handle my problems and you then wonder yourself asking yet another question for you just don't understand how I, a fool in your eyes handle more tough times with an understanding as if I have already won life's battle. isn't it? But for you when troubles come the material ideas that you where so proud of shatters with minute of catastrophe and your mind become absolutely barren. You need help but you can't ask anyone as for world if you ask the image you build up may shatter like glass. Oh man, Don't be so arrogant it may even cause you life. If you need help and if you are ready to give your worldly hope then I think you are apt for reading my following experience as it illuminates my life in Christ and the truth that non of us is father less but have a father who’s love is above all understanding.
Let me be open to you about my life in Christ.

I know my life in Christ may not be luxurious and it may be filled with miseries but, mostly this world will be hostile to me and for them I am an undesirable and undesirable worthless creature who's mere sight may throw them to convulsions of laughter.

Now you are more convinced of me being a nut gone cookoo, yes I know you are because most of human try to go as far as possible from troubles but I am inviting them, I know you are much more confused now than before.

You may even feel this man whom I am seeking help may make you more mad. wait for a little more, please some times this fool can help you.

But I enjoy my suffering though not so thoughtful like you, you know why I have the heavenly father as my friend, judge and protector but more than that he cares for me an lot he though the creator his heart grieves when we believers overshadow is love and give up to temptations.

But I don't worry about my believers as I know I surely come back because my father is the truth and his love symbol is the cross for he died for me and further more has risen and gone to heaven for preparing a place for me, common friend give your life to him your life to him you can see how mountain of cares that so much burdened you heart and souls would vanish in presence of his mighty grace yes my friend yes his love is of unexampled kind as he said "Come to me, all you how are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest. take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and the burden I give you is light.": Matthew 11:28-30

Have you heard such authoritative words, have found so much peace and security in any other word; no I know as from you experience you know the world will consider you as a banana skin when you become weak but not the lord. As he loves those who are meek and pure and poor in spirit yes as he says in Revelations 3:20

"Look! Here I stand at door and knock. If you hear me calling and
open the door, I will come in, and we will share meal as friends."

Hear my friends hear now is the time or ti will become late when further more you can't hear him.

I pray let he open your heart so that you can see him and then say to him that you love him.

By Sandeep