Paper 3

"For no prophesy was ever made by an act of a human will, but men moved by the hopy Spirit spoke from God."
If you don't diagonize a fever it becomes fatal, similarly if you don't clear your doubts on eternity, you may face something which you may have thought during your life on earth of not much importance.

I write this letter to those christian's who thinks their religion shares the same values as other religions and the "God" of the Bible is same as the God's of other religions. I tell you the truth you have done a grave sin by comparing Him the almighty with th man made gods. And you also have thought that you have become gods chosen people by taking baptism in your young age knowing nothing about His love than people of other religions. Let me tell you are like those same hipocrates who plotted plans to kill the Prince of peace when He was still on the earth or you are like those who pray long hours to Him not because you love or know Him but because you want to show others and get praise and respect from them. Woe to you all who thinks about Him as servant to help you by giving some money or sacrifice to Him when you are trouble and soon after you got out of trouble you forget about His grace and love.

My brother/sister who so ever is reading and finding Him/Her in the above positions as a brother I have only one request to Him with your all heart to forgive your sins and make you a kind of person that he warns you to be.

Again if you are not convince and still believes that all the religions point to one and only supreme God, then in rest of my letter I will write some evidence that demands a verdict that how Bible is different and how Bible is the only way to the omnipresent, omniscient being the creator of the whole universe.

A great conquerer which the world had said and challenged all the religions of earth that:
"I would believe in a religion if it existed ever since the beginning of time."

Tolstoi said:
"Every man recognizes within himself a free and rational spirit, independent of his body. This spirit is what we call god."

Again, Hegel wrote:
"Religion is a kind of knowing."

But do you think that these all famous gurus were right? Certainly I don't. I rather make you understand what is this religion mainly the difference. Now religion as a whole is divided into naturalistic and Biblical. The Biblical pole is mainly the teaching of the Bible and naturalistic are mainly the teaching based on man made religions which are mainly filled with naturalistic and humanistic ideas.

Now were the gulf appears:
If Christanity is true it is not a religion, religions are man's speculation about some thing unseen but know's and feels its presence or in other sense away to reach God. Then how can you say Christanity is a religion as it describes a god coming to man to preserve his creation and to rebuild a path which has been destroyed by the very human nature. He sets a very intimate relationship with those believes in His Son.

As other religions talk about destruction of sinners Christanity is the one and only religion talking and promising about redemption of sinners though the blood of Jesus Christ. Some have doubts which they think to have been diagonized by just through rushing through it, and by doing this they get passed by the original truth.

Most of the people those who had even studied scriptures believes and thinks that scriptures contain myth, for them I am putting this question in front: I also warn them by believing this you are saying that these words spoken by the God you believe and pray when you are in trouble are fake and cannot be believed, thus indirectly proving that your love to Him is fake, however listen to my question-
Your doubt is whether Bible is God breathed? and you believe that some parts are not espesialy the Genesis Part, OK then let me take you through some questions related to your faith.

I am believing that word by word in Bible is God breathed or I can say it was God inspired. This is because I believe in Christ as He come to earth as a Son of Man and died at the cross at Calvary and rose up on the third day and will come back to this earth to save those who believes Him with their whole heart. And I think you also believe what I said so our Christ as said that "Scriptures can't be broken." And if you believe same as I believe in Christ then how can you disagree with you Lord and Savior who was crucified for our sins. And if you are those who just believes in traditional basis I have this question to you:

I ask you all if god as not inspired those then you include me and all those followers of Christ Christ told by those who had written bible and they are world's most blatant and consistent liars who had deceived millions of people from generation to generation including us. But how would these men (mainly 66 books constitute Bible, was written by 40 authors period of 1600 years!) who had not seen each other and living different periods and position of their life say more than 3000 lies on the same subject? This can't be a probability, how can it be? OK if was mistaken in this matter and we know it who should we believe in Christ and put our faith in Him. If we cannot believe that Bible was God inspired and He spoke to men though His word then our conscience will not allow us in believing in that fake book and lead our lives as it said but can our conscience not believe which is truth each and every word of Bible is truth and were ever it had touched it has been the authority. What ever has been prophesied in Bible has come true and Bible is not a book of human thoughts it can't be because it is God breathed is the only and only way to the Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent creator of ours and as Jesus said He is the only way to our creator. I ask you all to get out of your conscience stricken heart and think with your souls and i am sure that if you search truly with your heart then you will find Christ, and I assure you that this brother of you in Christ will surly pray for you.
As He said-
"Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and i will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light."
Mathew 11:28-30

(Now also you don't believe in his words you can feel that let any body be this Jesus but can read your mind, isn't it.)

Your loving brother in Christ,