Paper 2

I write this letter in the name of our Lord and all his martyrs who had died for his and his word's sake.

I write this letter to everyone who have taken a dissision to not invite Lord our God into their life.

I am warning you these are the days of coming conflict which the world has never witness or will witness. If you believe me or not these are the day's prior to the armaggadon. The World is unknowingly preparing its path.

As someone had said:
"We have grasped the mystery of an atom rejected the sermon on the mount. The world has achieved brilliance without conscieness. ours is a world of nuclear giant's anti-ethical infants."

Yes, he is absolutely right we all have forgotten him and turned material maniacs of this earth. But remember we has to face judgment one day or other or the other before his throne and then He will ask you a question "Why did you forsake my son for the moral values of the world where satan is the prince?"

Then you will not have any reason to convince Him and His wrath would fall on you as judgment for you ujudgmentsins which would have been washed in his begotten sons blood if you believed that Christ died for your sins at the cross of Calvary and rose up on the third day.
He has told us the last days would be days of tremndous suffering and pain the would has not seen since it's creation. So as person who has been rescued by Christ from the same webs which had tied your spiritual minds. I warn you take your homage to Christ and leave you burdens to him no matter what the world would say just believe in Him you can see how he changes you and through you many others. So I ask all of you to open you darken hearts and think with your soul. Slowly he will fill your heart with light.
I say this to you because I love you you and want to see you in my father's house. There is no time to wait take you decision fast as the time slowly progressing and showing signs which makes me feel that the time is nearing for His second coming but these are the time ripping of His words.

The scriptures said when the end nears the man would go after himself in the name of perishing values of this world. He himself will worship him as the lord, he incarnate himself as Lord and his worshipers grew more(Huworshiper, Communism, Ididoltry etc). But further he goes from God, more evil hearted he becomes. He never earns his peace of mind. While for those who's life are already in Christ's name will have their hearts filled with joy and their faith strengthened because of the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible. They will rejoice and praise the Lord for the peace they enjoy in their minds though in worlds eyes they are old fashioned and mad for they submit their lives to Jesus Christ. Yes, you may laugh at us and think ill about us but we don't care as we know very well that when our master was on earth he suffered a lot similarly and we would also and we are ready for it.
We also know that we will all suffers as other humans suffer but our suffering is having a completely different meaning than your's as you suffer for this world(which also means you yourself) but we suffer for our Christ.
If you don't believe it now or at least after some time in your life then I assure you that you will understand why pleaded to you to believe him after your death.

I hope and pray for you to the lord to open His heart to you if you have not yet understood Him.

From your Brother,