Paper 1

Thesis Of My Life

1. I was a child who did mistakes without knowing them.
2. Then I became a person who recognized my mistakes and tried my best not to do them again.

Then the big turn over came:
3. Then in my life came the days in which I tried to diagnose my wandering mind with a may times heard word called truth. Through my mind was never able to get through this word, later its searching changed me to real maniac of it. But my search for truth really opened my conscience stricken heart.

Through I did not get it, some one inside my mind was saying to me to continue my search for it.
Later it completely changed my look about this world and my life itself. My search finally brought me to conclusion that the answer for my savior and lord by asking him to forgive my sins and wash me in his blood and then inviting him to take the place in throne of my life. This small prayer of repentance raised me to a position which most of the humans have failed to regain. I became a true follower of Christ. For his I was rewarded with an everlasting fellowship with my father who cares and loves me so much.

I know very well that my new found life in Christ would lead me to tremoundous suffering and pain but compared to his suffering at the cross in the Calvary my suffering is nothing. Those who loved me will start to hate me and mock me. But I don't care because only I and those who accepted him as their saviour and lord can know how much is his love towards us and how deep rooted it is nothing can stop us from praising him not mental or physical torture or not even death. his is always with me in my life in this earth and after. I take his words to my heart as they are my breath because I know he is my destiny or the destiny of truth. He shows me the way when I am helpless because he is my master and lord. If people think me as a fool let they but I tell them I belive in one who has risen from death. I may poor let be but I tell you the truth my richness is in a place where there is nothing to corrept or steal it. I tell you the ruth the world in which I now life is not my home but its heaven is my permenant home where my father lives. He has conqured the suffering and eath then why I his servent can't do it, Yes I can and I am even ready to die for his gospel's name, who's tremoundous love has changed my life and me.

I know though I am weak in my faith His Holy Spirit will transform me to a usefull weapon of His Ministry. Now he has asked me to wear he uniform of His Soldier and I am going to wear it and going to become one who is going to suffer for Him in thiis days prior to the Armaggodon. Yes I will suffer for Him until my days of glory. His love is tremondous that I can't express. I have faith and he alone I praise truly with my heart. He is with me all the time and only his words I take in my heart as he alone is my Saviour and Lord.

As scripturs said I believe:
"Mountains may depart and Hills may dissappear but his word shall never pass away"

"Each spoke of my life would be like a flower for me because He is with me."

There is nothhing more precious for me than His love.