7th Session

Growing in Mission Work

Johnny Jones

This can be discussed under four Headings
A) Missions of the Mandate of God
B) Missions of the Message of God
C) Missions of the Man of God
D) Missions of the Heart of God

Missions of the Mandate of God
Matt 28:19-20

The mandate of God concerns missions is seen in the above verses. Christ says to 'Go' and preach the gospel. God's Mandate is very clear. He simply says 'go'. So what are we waiting for? God has given us all that we need to go out and preach.
a)The command to go was issued by Christ Himself who has authority over all.
b) The assurance that he will be with us through it all.
As far as a believer is concerned, the most precious thing to do is to go into the mission field and work for Christ. And all the sufferings associated with this will not be in vain as it is in obedience to God's mandate. Eg og people who obeyed are Jim Elliott, C T Studd, Graham Stains.

Missions of the Message of God
1 Cor 1:17

The message of God for missions is the gospel. This message of God is centered on Christ Jesus God used this message to make foolish the wise of this world but the divine love of God and can only be understood by the Grace of God even through it is very simple. Without Gods special grace people stumble over the simplicity of the message of the gospel and reject it.

Presentation Of The Message
This message can be mentioned either by acceptability on God's wrath on His Love. But whatever way it is presented it has be clearly mentioned as it is in the Bible without dilution it or changing it so to gain acceptability of men. If the gospel is tarnished or diluted, it is a grave sin and will receive the wrath of God.

Missions of the Man of God
II Cor 14:2 onwards

Asa was a godly king and had success in God's missions in the O T period. This success caused Asa to say through pride and lack of further dependence on God and receive God condemnation and punishment (II Chronicles 16:31)
Therefore the Man Of God in the mission even though committed to God can lose consistency in depending on God for the ministry and end up tragically like Asa. The beginning and end of a believer is when he stops trusting in God and states depending on himself. The danger of hardening of heart is a grave possibility for all men of God. But the Bible exhorts all men of God to start well and end well.
Even though there are many who have failed after starting well yet there are many who are still suffering for the gospel while depending on God's and can be looked upon for encouragement.

Missions of the Heart of God

The book of Jonah is not about Jonah put the heart of God for the salvation of the lost ie. for remissions. Like Jonah we also wold have wanted GOd to punish evil people like the Ninevites. But God is not like man but loves sinners and wants them to be saved because he is a gracious and compassionate God. The man of God should never return evil for evil in the mission field but should we forgiving like the LOrd Jesus and may for their souls eg. Gladys Stains, the church leaders of Indonesia during christian Indonesian persecution by Muslims. Even when enemies of Christ are punished by justice, we as believers should not rejoice over it but pray for their souls because God is merciful even in judgment if we will receive no mercy during our judgment for with the judgment we pronounce we also will be judged. Only when the man of God understands the compassion able heart of God concerning missions can be likewise and fruitful in the mission field.