6th Session

Growing in Hope

Dr.Joy David

Only Believers have a bright future & hope. This hope is based on God's faithfullness concerning his promises of what is to come and what we will become. On the other hand unbelievers have no hope or future(Eph 2:12).
This hope of believers is in relation to Christs second coming

Some verses about the hope of Believers
I Pet 1:3-5
I Cor 15:19
Eph 4:4
If this hope given to beliebers controls a believer, it will enable him to lead a holy life in peace with all and teach the gospel to all. It will also enable a believer to teach about this hope to other believers as God expects.

The Hope of the 2nd coming of Christ should make a believer
1)Better his relationship and fellowship with the saints
A beleiver should know that he will be judged by Christ at His 2nd comming on the way his relationship was wiht th eother saints.
Rom 14:10
I Cor 4:5
Matt 5:22

2)Grow in his personal Holiness
I John 3:2 & 3
I Pet 3:14
The second coming of Christ should not find us doing something sinful and shameful. But the hope of which should keep us waiting and watching in holiness.
This can be done by
a) Continously reading the word of God Meditation on it. Obeying it and teaching it.
b) Praying without ceasing.
c) Keeping in fellowship with the saints.

3)Serve the Lord by using His gifts effectively and faithfully
How each belieber uses his Gifts (talents) will be judged by the Lord and rewarded accordingly at His 2nd coming.
II Cor 5:10

4)Prepare himself and the Church to be a fit bride for Christ
BBelievers should be dressed and ready, with their lamps, lit awaiting the Bridegroom so that when He come all may be found prepared for His arrival.
II Cor 11:12