4th Session

Growing in Holiness

George Irimpan

The Hebrew word for holiness in the old testament is "kadas" ie "persons or things separated for the use of God". The Greek word for holiness in the N T is "Haggiatzo" which is the "sanctifing work" of Holy Spirit in the life of a believer to make him like Christ.

Colossians 3: 16

1 Thesselonians 5:23

Sanctification by the Holy Spirit
This is done through

1. The word of God
2. The LOrd's table
3. Trials & temptations
4. Prayer
5. Fellowship with the saints

Areas in which Practical Holiness is Required

1. Submission to authority
This submission should start (1)at home to the parents. Then the (2)at church to the leaders and extending (3)to the employers and (4)to the governments.

2. Social service
Like taking care of the orphans caring for the sick, comforting the sorrowful, feeding the hungry etc. The Lord Jesus not only spoke and taught the message of the gospel but also cared for the social needs of the people.

3. Family life
Our family life is a true measure for our practical holiness. Our behavior at home, our relationship with our parents, wife, children etc. A spiritual person is one who finds time for his family as well as spiritual activities (such as prayer, fellowship Bible reading) and his other responsibilities. Neglecting any one shows a person's unspirituality.

4. Spending of Money
The way we spend our money is a measure of our practical holiness. A proper budgeting of our finances on how much we spend on titheing, food, hospitality, transport etc would be very wise. The more we are able to give for the Lord and less on ourselves without forgetting our basic needs or our families is a sign of spiritual way of handling finance.

5. Spending of Time
Wasting of time is a sign of unspirituality. Today this is possible by various means like TV viewing, surfing the internet etc. Our time should be spend wisely with our priorities of the day set rightly. When our priorities are messed up, we end up wasting our time and being unfruitful in our lives

6. Church Life
The importance we give to the church and the way we behave in it is a measure of our spirituality. Supporting the weak in faith, forgiving encouraging and accepting the backsliders, exhorting the saints etc. are signs of healthy church life.

7. Listening
Lending a sympathetic ear to a person in grief or a person with the desire to just be heard and accepted is one of the pure needs of man and a sign of spirituality. The tendency to give counselling or a suggestion to a person with a problem is easier than just listening to him. Sympatheticly and patiently. But simply listening can many times do more good than speaking out.

8. Relationship to subordinates
Our relationship to those under us is a true measure of our spirituality. Ability to apologize when needed is a test of our humility and spirituality.

9. The manner of pressing type of food usually eaten and manner of abode
Simple dressing, food & Shelter are signs of spirituality. When much attention is brought to a person due to the type of food or shelter or clothing he uses it shows signs of unspirituality.