5th Session

Growing in Good Works

Jose Kunj

Believers are expected to grow in good works. Good works acceptable to man are not always acceptable to God because God looks at the intention with which it is done and rewards accordingly
Believers are expected to grow in good works this is because only believers have life in them and only those who have life can grow. These good works cannot be used for getting salvation but are done by believers because of what is expected from them by God as his children.

All good works done by man can be categorized into 3 basic categories

1) Good works done with the good of the society in mind.
2) Good works done to obtain salvation.
3) Good works done as believers as part of growing in holiness and bearing fruit.

Why should believers do good works?
1) Because Christ died to save believers to do good works. II Tim 3:16 & 17, Eph 2:10
2) Because it is commanded in the word of God
3) Because it is the proof of our living faith (James 2:17) before the world. It attests our life and words for Christ.
4) Because the first century church emphasized on and was known for as a good example of good works (Titus 2:7).

Paul told Titus to emphasize particularly on Good works to the church which was under the leadership of Titus.