1st Session

Growing in Spiritual Gifts

Br Johnny Jones

(I Peter 4:7-11)

A)Reward Of Using Gifts
(The Pareble of the Talents-Matt 25:14)
If we don't invest the talents given to us (Eg. Our money, our bodies etc.) we will lose the reward connected therewith. We are not to leave our talents dormant but to invest them. Only then will we be rewarded in heaven with responsibilities to serve Christ with and will be allowed to attend the banquet of the bridegroom. Loss of rewards will include responsibilities that we already have being taken away from us and not being allowed to attend the banquet. this is described as weeping and gnashing of teeth. This terminology is used three times in the Book Of Matthew. Two are in relation to believers and once in relation to unbelievers.

B)Using of Spiritual Gifts
1)Gift are to be used wisely for the glory of God and the good of the Church. For this God Himself refines the believer eg.in Joseph's case (in Genesis). He first used his gift of interpretation of dreams in the wrong way by proviking his brothers to anger. But God refined him through hardships and made him fruitful for his ministry and in the us of his gift saved Israel during the famine in Egypt. Likewise God refines (tests) us through various stages in life(eg. financial difficulties, marriage, parenthood etc) so that we may be mature and wise in the use of our gifts and bring glory to Him.
Ps 105:19 \
Jer 6:29 } God refines(tests) believers
Ps 66:8,9 /
When God tests believers it will be very hard and painful but it is for their eventual good eg. a surgeon hurting a patient to heal him and not to injure him.
*We as believers should not despise or reject or neglect the refining work of God because through it we are made more useful for His word
2)The strength for using our gifts should be from God and not ours for then only will it be for the Glory of God and the good of the church.