9th Session

Growing in Faith (Part II)

Br Babu M George

How to practice biblical faith in our daily life.
Heb 11 This can be found from the lives of great men of God in the Bible as mentioned in the above chapter. These men are :

1)Abel: Through Abel's eyes of faith he knew that the will of God concerning forgiveness of sis is that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. So in faith he obeyed by preparing an acceptable sacrifice to God. On the other hand Cain, his brother could not do this as he did not see things through the eyes of faith. Thus he acted like curce and thus his sacrifice was rejected by God. Cain's represents the attitude of the world towards God. While Abel attitude is an example how believers should see and do things by faith. Thus the basis of faith is the revealed will of God.

Enoch was described in the Bible as a man who walked with God in faith. He was in fellowship with God at all times. Faith involves walking minute by minute and second by second with God. This means going only where God would go and not going where He would not so that we could be with Him at all times. For the believers this is the most important thing because the presence of God is the real source of strength and comfort.

Noah was obedient to God's command to build an ark when He said that. He would destroy the world with a flood Noah was obedient because of his fear of God and his faith in His veracity. He thus invested all that. He had to build the ark which seemed ridicules at that time to the rest of the world. But his obedience in faith was rewarded by being saved and he and his family eventually inheriting the whole earth.
Obedience out of to the fear of God and His word should accompany ones faith and it will be rewarded like Noah was.

Abraham was told to leave his people and country by God and go to a land that He wold show him Abraham did not know where to go or what all might befall him and his family if he went. But he knew who it was that held him and called him out. Thus depending on his God Abraham went in faith.
Faith requires blind dependence on God like Abraham because God is faithful to easy out what He promised.

Moses give up his position and luxuries at the palace of Pharaoh and was prepared to suffer with the people of God and the shame of Christ. He did this after a proper evaluation of what the dividend that would last and that which won't and even after the eternal. Thus today Moses is still spoken of today by men of God because of his act of faith. On the other hand if he had remained on the palace and made a king he would have been numbered as one of the many Pharaohs of Egypt and long forgotten in History.

Faith involves a proper evaluation of eternal prospects God's promises and dividends as compared to that of the world and responding rightly to it like Moses.
Faith also involves praying for answers to a God who is faithful to respond for the good and the one who pray.