2nd Session

Growing in Faith

Br Babu M George

(Heb 11:1,Heb 11:6,Rom 1:18,IICor 5:7)

-Believers are expected to believe and walk by faith
-Without faith no man can please God and is sin
-We find it easy to believe men who can lie but not trust God who is above man and can never lie
-Faith is not an isolated event but a decision to continuously trust in the trustworthiness of God and His promises
-The fruitfulness of the faith of a believer is not in how strongly he believes but in whom he believes. ie.the object of his faith. There is no part in having strong faith in a lie
-The object of our faith should be God
-Only a mustard seed of faith is enough to move mountains

Enemies of Faith
1)Lack of dependence on the Promises of God
2)Having a wrong worldly perspective about God(thinking of God as a man) and Godly promises

How to grow in Faith
1)Right perspective of God and Godly promises eg.the report of Josua of Caleb about Cannan of ourselves
2)Submission of ourselves to God for His work.
-We should not see our problems as too big for God to handle
-On the other hand we should see God as all in all and capable of handling all our problems eg.How David saw Goliath when he threatened th army of Israel