Propaganda Techinques

Analysis of scientific truth
  1. What is science?
    1. Categories of truth in science
      1. Exact Sciences
      2. Non Exact Sciences
    2. The brances of science
      1. Normative sciences
      2. Physcial sciences
      3. Biological sciences
      4. Historical sciences
      5. Sociological sciences
    3. Relationship between the different sciences
  2. Bible and science
    Model making in science
    1. Qualitative modal(Discriptive)
    2. Quantitative modal(Mathamatical)
    3. Values and Limits of modals
  3. Historical studies

Propaganda Techinques: Intro/Analysis
  1. Type of propaganda
    1. Spontaneous
    2. Contrived
      1. Informative
      2. Manipulative
  2. Introduction to Propaganda Techniques
    1. Fear of bad name(Insecuitry, Fear)
    2. Appeal Of good name(Security, allurement)
    3. Appeal to human authority(Transfer)
    4. Appeal to persuasion by individual(testimonails)
    5. Appeal to tricky implications(half truth & white lies)
    6. Ahe bandwagon/mob-mentality trick(Everybody's doing it)
    7. Card stacking(Outright deception)
    8. Titillation and teasing(fantasy manipulation)
  3. Combination of their techniques
    Propaganda combined with mind manipulation (seduciton) Techniques
    1. Mind Manupulation by repeated exposure to propaganda
      First exposure > Shock And Recoil
      Repeated Exposure > Reduciton of shock > permitting further exposure > desensitization > complete elimation of shock > tolerance(because shock is gone) > condoning > endorsing > Desiring > Longing > Doing it!!
    2. Mind manipulation by bypassing reason
      Normal: Informaiton > Reason > Analysis > Action
      Contrived Informaiton > Emotion dominated Reason > Emotion dominated Analysis > Emotion Controlled Action
      Men: Worried about looks, abilities, achievements, authority and the respect they command.
      Women: Beauty, looks, things owned, the opinion of others about their household, cooking and current fashion or trends
      Teenagers: Male - Desire for "Macho, toughies, sensuous, suave, bold, cool etc..."
      Female - Desire for "Beauty, splendor, pretty woman, style, enticing, etc..."
    The Bad name techniques
    Propaganda Techniques and the theological radicals
  4. Analyzing/coubteribg propaganda
    Questions to be asked:
    1. Who is the propagandist?
    2. Whom is he serving? Or to whom is his loyalty? To you, himself or to his employers?
    3. What is his aim fo rindulging in this propaganda. is it to benefit you or someome else?
    4. To what human interests, desires emotions, or fears is he appealing?
    5. What techniques does he use?
    6. Are these techniques ethical or unethical? If unethical, is he a person of integrity?
    7. Is the propagandist objective, and does he present the whole truth? if not, why is he subjective and what motivates him to hide or suppress a part of the truth?
    8. Are you, or are you not, going to permit yourself to be influenced, manipulated and exploited by the tactics of the propagandist.
    Antidotes to mind manipulation through repeated exposure to propaganda
    1. Do the program i watch, the music i hear, and the books or maqazines that i read contain passages that can't be narrated when i sit with my family?
    2. What kind of a passage is that? discription of sex, sexual passions, or any kind of perverted activity?
    3. Do the passages under scrutiny are provied for information or are they there to arouse passions?
    4. What kind of passions come up in your mind when you are exposed to these audio/video/printed stories and description?
    5. Do they help you to become a better, cleaner and more mature person.