Mind Manipulation

Human Mind : A Diagramatic Approch
Forbidden Actions
Tolarable Actions
Desirble Actions
Essential Actions
The Barriers
  1. Invisible
  2. Non Material
  3. Perishable Nature
  4. Formation not Automatic
  5. Volitional Nature
Principles Of Mind Minipulation I
  1. Blinding
  2. Imprinting
  3. Desecitizelation
  4. Expations
  5. Fear Creating
  6. Value Shifting
Resisting Mind Manipulations
A. Results of Mind Manipulaitons
  1. Changing of Values
  2. Shifting of Focus
  3. Uncontrollable Thought Life
  4. Sinful Choices
B. Stratagies Used For Mind Manipulation
  1. Repeated Exposure To Experiences
  2. Consistent Repetition of Idias
  3. Depth Targeting Of Human Mind
  4. Emotional Manipulation Of People
C. Circumstances And Factors That Aid Mind Control
  1. Ignorance
  2. Peer Dependendence
  3. Lack Of Parental Support
  4. Atmoshpere