Logic and Fallacies of Logic

Errors of Interpretation

I. Errors of Deduction Fallacies Of Form (Formal Fallacies)
  1. Fallacy of Four Words
  2. Error Of Undistributed Middle
  3. Error Due to Illicit Major
  4. Errors Due to Illicit Minor
  5. Fallacy arising out of two negative premises
  6. Fallacy arising out of two particular premises
  7. Fallacy arising out of Denying the Antecedent
  8. Fallacy arising out of affirming the consequent
  9. Fallacy arising out of improper disjunciton
  10. Material Fallacies
    1. Fallacy of Presumption
    2. Fallacy of Equivocation
II. Errors Due To Ambiguity(Amphiboly)
  1. Errors due to ambiguous terms
  2. Fallacy arising out of fiqures of speech
  3. Fallacy of Composition
  4. Fallacy of Division
  5. Fallacy of Accident
  6. Fallacy of Dilemma
III. Fallacy of Accent - Fallacies of Concept
  1. The error of Circular Reasoning (Petition Principii)
  2. Fallacy of Multiple Questions
  3. Fallacy of Sidetracking (Ignoratio Elenchi)
    1. The Fallacy of Argument by Accusation (Argumentum Ad Hominem)
    2. The Fallacy of Argument by Mob Emotions (Argumentum Ad Populum)
    3. The Fallacy of Argument by Exploiting the Ignorance of Listeners (Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam)
    4. The Fallacy of Argument by Appealing to the Opinion of Famous People (Argumentum Ad Verecundium)
    5. The Fallacy of Argument by Threatening (Argumentum Ad Baculum)
IV. Fallacies Of Induction
  1. Due To Faulty Language
    1. Double Meaning
    2. Undefined Terms
    3. Figurative Language
  2. Due To Faulty Observation
  3. Due To Faulty Logic
    1. Fallacies Of Hypothesis
    2. Hasty Generalization
  4. Due To Human Nature
    1. Influnce of The Tribe
    2. Influence of Nature
    3. Influence of The Market-Place
    4. Influence of Popular Ideas