Analysis Of Errors Of Interpretation

  1. Errors Related To Prejudices And Biases
    1. Basic Human Tendency Is To Distort
    2. Basic Human Tendency Is To Disbelieve
    3. Basic Human Tendency Is Of Rebellion
    4. A Good Number Of People Lack Theological Or Biblical Background
    5. A Good Number Of People Lack Spitual Maturity
    6. Influence Of Philosophies
    7. Imbalance Between Cause-Commitment
  2. Errors Related To Meaning And Perception
    1. Ignorance About The Nature Of A Passage
    2. Right And Wrong Keys
    3. Human Limitations
    4. Multiple Meanings
    5. Inability To Percieve Divine Actions
    6. The Mystery Characteristics Of Doctrines
    7. Linguistic Limitations
  3. Errors Related To Collection And Integratioon
    1. Ignoring Some And Emphasizing Other Portions
    2. Progressive Nature Of Revelation
    3. Progressive Nature Of Human Perception
    4. The Sufficent-Total Distinction
    5. Emotionalism And Denomination Loyalties